Nine Ethiopin artists lost their lives in a tragic car accident in Ethiopia

Sept. 26 2011

Nine members of the police orchestra from Tigrai State lost their lives in a tragic car accident - Tigrai Online

According to a press release from Tigray Culture and Tourism Bureau,nine famous and veteran artists died in a tragic car accident in Ethiopia. They were on their way to Khartoum, Sudan when the accident happened near Kobo northern Ethiopia. The cultural squad was invited by the Sudanese government.

Berhane Gebremeskel (Gano)
Berhane Gebrehiwot (handebet
Berhane Andey (Kunama
Letemeskel Gbrehiwot (Agew)
Tekie Tesfamariam
Haile Gerlasie,
Berhane Gebremichael
Ashenafi Mengistu
Habtome GebreMariam

The nine of them died on the spot where the accident happened.

Seventeen serously injured artists were evacuated by military helicopters to a hospital. The funeral will be held in Mekelle city capital city of Tigrai state. We at Tigrai Online would like to express our deep sorrow and condolences to their families.

So Far about $130,000.00 has been collected

Amounts for Worthington MN, DC, LA, and Minnesota not shown here.
Toronto Canada $8892.00
Ottawa Canada $9363.00
Seattle $22,691.00
Bay Area, CA $10,115.00
Nashville and Clarksville TN $2,150.00
South Dakota Sioux Falls $2,400.00
Washington DC $26,000.00
Columbus Ohio $6,100.00
Las Vegas $10,000.00
Stokholm Sweden almost $7000.00
London close to $18,000.00
Boston raises $12,000.00

The Tigraian artists before the tragic car accident - Tigrai Online
The whole police orchestra a few days before the accident (zelalemawi zkrin kbrin niswuatna!)

Condolence Messages

Tigraians and friends of Tigrai in Sweden raised 44810.00 Swedish cornos for the families of our heros
Condolence letter on the lost of our heros Artists of Tigray TDA-UK
Message of Condolence and memorial expression from Tigraians in Boston and surounding areas
Message of Condolence from The Amhara Development Association in the United KingdomADA –UK
A Message of Condolence from Tigrai Development Association (TDANA)SAN DIEGO, CHAPTER
Condolence message from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
A Message of Condolence from the Tigray Ethiopian Community Association in Colorado
Condolences from Zala-anbesa development North America branch
A joint statement of condolences from the Union of Tigreans in North America, Denver chapter and the Denver Committee for Abay Hydro-dam.
Tigrean Community of Greater Los Angeles
Adey Tegobeaa, Sisay Heshe
Artists of Tigrai, Besrat Kebede
Letter of Condolence From the Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington DC
Letter of Condolence UTNA
Tigrgna Poem by Berhan Hailu (Wegahta)

Letter of condolences from the TDA-Nashville Chapter

The TDA-Nashville Chapter members, and all Tigray community residents of the Nashville, TN and Clarksville, TN areas are deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden tragic death of the 9 and injuries of the remaining renowned Artists of the Tigray Police Orchestra our beloved and legendary men and women of Tigray. Words can not express our grief and we would like to pray that god rest the soul of the dead and full speedy recovery of those injured. We would like to express as well our deepest sympathy and condolences to their family members, friends, their comrades, the people of Tigray, regional government of Tigray and the Ethiopian people in general. We will miss them dearly and their hard work and sacrifice will remain eternally with us.

TDA-Nashville, TN, Chapter and Tigreans in the Nashville and Clarksville area USA
September 28, 2011

I tried to post my condolences on your website regarding the fatal accident that claimed the lives of our beloved artists. So, I request you to add this short one:

Paraphrasing Churchill’s fames words, I can say “Never in the field of Ethiopian art has so much been owed by so many to so few. RIP.

Michael M


In memory of the police band (Tegadelti) of Tigray

May I cry? Not for you, just for me and Tigray

May I cry?
Not for you, just for your love one left behind in sorrow;
For those didn’t witness your deeds- but who will know you tomorrow.

May I cry?
Not for you, just for those ungrateful of your deeds,
But never hesitated eat your fruits.

May I cry?
Not for you, just for those comrades hiked on your backs,
For those got forgotten your existence,
While you were on this timely Earth;

I do not cry for you,
While you are shining like your names,
Four Brhanes ,Tekie
Ashenafi, Letish, Habtom, and Haile.

I do not cry,
For the journey you made, because not many had it this far,
Winning the battles and the mother of all war,
You are not gone, rather rest,
You have given us all your best.

I do not cry,
But I will miss you, even though it hurts,
You have earned a spot on plenty of hearts,
For sure! you will be remembered and always exist.

By Reqiq; 27th September, 2011

Letter of condolences from TDA in North America

It was a great shock to learn about the tragic death of the 9 members of the Tigrai Police orchestra. We are deeply sudden by the untimely death of these artist who's life exemplified resiliencey and selflessness.There are no word that can express how people felt when the news was heard. In this tragic time, the members of the TDA in North america would like to express our saddness and offer our condolences to their family and to the people of Tigrai.

washington DC
sept. 28,2011

Condonlense of (United Tigrean Youth Network)

There are few moments in our life when we are speechless and this week will forever leave an imprint of sorrow and pain in our hearts and minds. This week we have learnt the recent tragic death of nine members of the Tigray Police Orchestra. Words cannot alone express how shocked & saddened we are to hear the passing of our dearest and bravest brothers and sisters who have lost their lives.

This tragic news has stunned the entire Ethiopian communities at home and aboard alike, especially the United Tigrean Youth Network. These legendary artistist were men and women who have had dedicated their lives to the betterment of our people. It was not by coincident then those brave men and women lost their lives while on a routine mission on behalf of their beloved people. These unselfish Artists' have touched every one of us, directly or indirectly, we are lucky to have know them thru their cause and music. United Tigrean Youth Network will always cherish their memories and challenge ourself to raise to the occassion and help carry out their mission to continue the development objectives and to fulfill their dream of flourishing the region of Tigray and the people of Tigray.

In the mean time, we would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolence to their family members, friends, the people & government of Tigray. We will miss them so dearly and treasure their memories forever.

May Their Soul Rest in Peace!
United Tigrean Youth Network (UTYN)
27th September 2011

Short History & Funeral Ceremony of our Heros (Udated)