Issues or side issues, Mr. Solomon.

By Equar D. Negash

Jan. 20 2008

First of all, I want to thank Mr. Solomon for your determination to discuss matters that concerns us, Ethiopians. The very essence of my article was mainly on two points. First, on Ethiopian government failed policy on Eritrea issue. Second, Mr. Meles strongly opposed the previous war and supported the current conflict in Somalia. Why? For your own reason you did not want to go into this issue, you rather prefer to talk side issues. Obviously, side issues are an incidental minor matter that tends to distract attention from the important issue. In this regard I do not have many things to say because issues have not been discussed since the start of this dialoged. Though, I have some difficulties to understand your idea, let me mention a few points for discussion.

You explicitly said that I am discussing dead issues. Mr. Solomon, for heavens sake, open your mind and try to see situations around so that to reach on understandings of your environment. Did not you hear the last few days what is going on in Mogadishu? The ruling party, international institutions, like UN, told us the current problem in Somalia is a result of direct involvement of Shaibia. I also, think you may share this idea. This issue is a very current on the head lines of international Medias. Our brave soldiers are fighting day in day out with Shaibia and give their lives to accomplish the duty. How can you say this is an old issue? Have you ever heard about the ONLF activity before? I think your answer may be, no. The ONLF’s issue got a cover from much known international Medias and some human right organizations expressed their concern of humanitarian crisis. This new development is a hard work of Shaibia. Moreover, there is still a small scale conflicts in the area. Is it an old issue? I do not think so. Shaibia is working hard, minutes to minutes to destabilize Ethiopia. Mr. Solomon you know about it because you seem more informed individual. Nevertheless, let’s assume your argument is right and the issues are dead. My dear brother, leaders are normally evaluated on what they did in the past not on the promise they made. Hence, it is still relevant to mention the past whether Mr. X or Ms. Y made a good job or not. We have to learn from our mistakes to do a better task in the future. In American presidential race, they usually mention candidate’s past experience to tell the voters who is who. Past issues tell us how to go forward. Mr. Solomon, I believe to support an individual or a party is an inherent right of an individually. However, to stand for reality is another thing. You do not have to be blind to support an individually or a party; with some reservation you can still be a supporter.

In the mean time, you told me I am writing to create confusion among Ethiopians. You are mistaken as I have tried to say many times in my articles I want a consensus on the Eritrea issue, not confusion. However, you are definitely confused because you misunderstand my notion. There may be two reasons for your confusion. First, you may not want to hear ideas other than the idea you support. Second, perhaps, you may afraid to talk issues in public. For any reason you seems confused to me. Mr. Solomon, who writes the article, is not the issue but what are the ideas behind it.


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