Many Front War Buffets for Ethiopians.

Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 17 2008

Shabians are sneaking into northern Ethiopia planting bomb shells , and they are killing innocent people. Other groups sponsored by Shabians are taking over the whole Somalia. Other groups sponsored by Shabia are blowing the heart beat of Addis Ababa Markato. In 2006 ,we were told Somalia is more of a threat than Shabia. And Meles went to chase worthless bands in Somalia by disregarding the main enemy of Ethiopia and now he has cultivated a major threat for Ethiopian than ever before any time.

Even now Ethiopia is bleeding in all corners; its heroic defence forces are being held hostage by Meles Zenawi. Our defence forces have been bleeding in Somalia for the sake of Shabia. Our heroic defence forces are tied up by Meles Zenawi in north Ethiopia for the past 10 years because they were denied their victory by their commander in chief. The commander who has committed to hurt Ethiopia uses Ethiopians sons and daughters as a sacrificial lamb for his own personal agenda.

According to him, Ethiopians have to die and get killed. Life for Meles is not worth anything. Now and then innocent people get killed in north Ethiopia by Shabia. Meles says it okay. It is fine. It is a minor thing for us. Let Shabia kill some people and go away with it. It is fine as long as Shabia is doing okay. Meles says he knows Shabia will do that and it is okay if Shabia does such thing.

Assuming Al-shabab taking over the whole Somalia, what will be the scenario for Ethiopia? Even while Somalia is still in limbo, our major city addis Ababa is enjoying smart bomb blasts by Shabia chain agents.

People tell me there is development in Ethiopia, I wonder what this development is while our people are being killed everywhere and daggers are pointing on Ethiopia from every direction because of the arrogancy and total ignorancy of leadership in Ethiopia. Why must even a single drop of an Ethiopian blood wasted for Melesí blind and stupid ideology of self-infliction?

Ethiopia has to be landlocked for one manís stupid philosophy. Ethiopians have to die and get killed for one manís stupid ideology. Ethiopian victory has to be aborted for one manís stupid philosophy. Ethiopia have to fight another useless war in Somalia for the sake of Shabia because for one manís stupid ideology of self-infliction.

Development, what is development? Even Italian built amazing roads and water systems and telecommunications in five years. What did Meles do almost 20 years now? He built some roads, schools, clinics,... in almost 20 years. Our people could have achieved more development than this scanty ones. If the moral and motivation of Ethiopians have been maintained, Ethiopia could have achieved more radical genuine self-sustaining development.

However, our scholars were chased from their country for opposing the land-locking of their country illegally and very stupidly by one man who claim to be all knowing. A man who boast for land-locking Ethiopia the very country he claim to represent.

Meles destroyed the moral and motivation of our people by dividing them. He even chased his own bosom comrades in arms. Meles now has hatched division and conflict within and outside. Now Ethiopians have to bear the brunt of this mess.

Now, I do not believe Meles will do anything good to Ethiopia after now. Something has to be done to remove him and Shabia from the horn of Africa. We need to remove him in anyway. He has exposed our country to its archenemies by denying its natural out let to the Red sea. We are not talking about our ports now, we are talking about our national security now. Our country is forcibly land-locked by the Meles Zenawi and now we do not know what is going all around our country. The security of our country is at stake now? Why Ato Meles interested deeply in land-locking Ethiopia? Is he sick? Is he normal? I cannot imagine a healthy person working against his country? Even Meles would not forcibly land-lock our country, Shabia would not have danced on our people? Does Meles know that he is not serving Ethiopia, but Shabia. If he is knowing doing that, why he does not go to Asmara?