I did not fabricate the story

By Melaku Tefera

Feb. 26 2008

Dear Tigray Online,

I would like to thank you for posting my grievance. Also many thanks to Gezaee Hailemichael, for addressing the problem correctly.

Although I do not blame Meless for all miss haps, as he is trying his best; in his position I appreciate his commitment and contributions, I understand all the problems he face some of the cases might not be his wish, it is only his wise experience that is keeping us running. But EPRDF should not be defensive to its members there should be reword and punishment. After all these higher officials are given the position or elected to serve the people not to rule and abuse.

One reason in Election 2005 people distanced from EPRDF is such defensive nature of EPRDF, failure to admit one’s error and public opinion.

I did not fabricate the story, if I give you the whole account it is shocking and frustrating and I suffered from such cases repeatedly which I consider is work place harassment. Gezaee had not sided with me ,he presented it as it is and it is my responsibility for that content. At the beginning, I had the feeling and the opinion not to externalize internal problem, however, it was already posted and might learn something for better future, so let it be. Lets see it how simple injustice could turn into a major problem and loss.

The case of my promotion is not a priority and it is insignificant vis a vis the country's problem, as it was mentioned it is back wordiness, poverty, disease, illiteracy etc are our many enemies. The French has given me the title already 1988.Whether Melaku is promoted or not always remain Melaku. However, it is the injustice and the way I was treated that made me revolt and many others for similar with broken hearts. It should be clear it is not for money. (Government should seek to improve governance rather than salary, A salary increment without good governance is nil) Mekelle university which houses 20,000 students without single professor!!! I could have been an example many young to follow, really because I deserve it and I fulfilled the criteria.

When the ministry of education decided to open 7 new veterinary faculties. Instead I proposed to establish Veterinary Pharmaceutical technology and laboratory technology at Mekelle University , to produce medicaments, vaccines and carry laboratory diagnoses which are missing in the current system in Ethiopia . Those veterinarians from 7 new faculties i.e. 700 veterinarians in a year!!need drugs, vaccines etc to treat animals .Ethiopia has to import on foreign currency. My objective was instead of export based strategy I was emphasizing on import substitute. (Example Instead of importing milk powder why not local farmers establish dairy farms and produce milk) plus the division of labor that would be created through diversification and specialization. This will help employment and capacity building. If we are importing all our needs where is that capacity building it will be only mining the available resource.

In Ethiopia people rely on Academic rank and diploma and degree, no matter how it is obtained. If one has higher level then people will trust. So being promoted probably will make me in a better negotiation position, if not it is merely adding responsibility. Even if they give me the promotion I will have only 100 Birr increase in salary. Because I was getting 2900 Birr/Month and a professor earns in Ethiopia 3000 Birr. It is only 10 dollar and 100 dollar a year!!