Michael Belay with deeds greater than PHDS

By Solomon

Feb. 27 2008

In an Ocean of Heroism of Nothingness, I found one man who said a lot without spending a lot of time writing papers. I have to admit like every one else, every time I write BS, I really have not accomplished anything. As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”. Now days Ethiopian Websites are replete with paper tiger heroes. Some websites have even gone as far as naming the person of the year based on paper heroism. I call heroes that are tiger paper as heroism of nothingness. I included, we the Ethiopian intellectuals who pretend we have the entire panacea for Ethiopian’s illness are worthless, part time couch soldiers. We spend a lot of time talking, but not doing anything productive for our country. We feel that recycling unproductive opinion twenty times equals a contribution to the betterment of our country. I have to admit and confess I am hundred percent convinced that what I write does not change our country Ethiopia an inch.

However, the action of my beloved hero Michael Belay will be the sort of action that will change Ethiopia. Michael Belay, when I read the story I cried. In fact every time I read the story it makes me cry. I am so touched by your sacrifice. Michael Belay, I would like you to know that you have touched so many life by your action. As an Ethiopian American your story has changed me for ever. If I am blessed and lucky, I might repeat what you have done for Ethiopia. I just want to say thank you so much Michael Belay. You are my hero. I wish you the best.

Michael Belay, your sacrifice and your heroism will live for ever. I am so great full to have you as my hero. In my book, you are the most learned Ethiopian in the Diaspora. We have thousands of Ethiopians with PHDS, MDS, RDS, BS and all they have chosen to do is chew politics. I have been so disgusted by these intellectuals to the point that I felt nihilistic. What is even shocking to me is at the end of their propaganda, they put PHD, as if that is their new last name. What does PHD at the end of a propaganda means? I am above men, so believe everything I say?

Michael Belay, you are the PHD I truly respect. Your intellect and your deeds exceed any Ethiopian Diaspora PHD. You are greater than a philosopher, and professor.

As a way of saying. thank you, an essay dedicated to you will follow in time.

Thank you so much.