Response for Equar

By Solomon

Jan. 15 2008

I read the whole article, "He was against it before he is for the war" and I think you are trying to say that Ethiopia should fight sheepia. I would politely like to disagree with you a for a number of reasons. Regarding the Ethiopian economy, there have been more than couple news article showing the robust growth of the economy. I would like you to show a proof for your argument. There is no indication that the action of tiny eritra is affecting Ethiopian economy.

The second point is that , Ethiopia does not need to fight isays and his body guards. Eventually isyas’s body guard will be tired of guarding him. Besides that isays financers will be tired of supporting a puppet that does not take action. All Ethiopians know who is behind isayas belligerence? Now his financers have been paying the bill for isyas body guards for the last ten years. By this time they are waiting for him to attack Ethiopia. However, attacking Ethiopia has proven to be isyas worst nightmare.

Mr. Equr, isyas can go through Somali, he can try everything he want but he has miserably failed. Day by day the Eritrean people are realizing who is the real enemy of Eritrea. The Eritrean people are realizing isyas is their enemy because, he has taken their cherished children as his own personal toys. These Eritrean children could been in school, work, and become productive members of society. Instead Isays and his cadres have held the whole Eritrean youth hostage with no hope for the future. The war with innocent Ethiopia will never succeed. Therefore, as Ethiopia’s economy continue to grow by 10% isyas youth will continue to grow old by ten years. At the moment isyas with the help of his financiers is controlling the population, but as we should see soon things will get out of control.

Finally Mr Equar you are trying to paint a dark reality in Ethiopia, but the dark reality lies in the heart of Eritrea. I realized you commented a little about Eritrea’s conditions, but for next time I would like you to explore Eritrea’s deep problem. Therefore, Mr. Equar I like the no war policy . Let Eritrea’s financiers pay big time. This is brilliant idea. Sucking the money out of our real enemy is a total victoy.


The Gallant TPLF Fighters

Eternal glory to our martyrs!