Response for the response to Solomon’s article

By Equar D. Negash

Jan. 16 2008

First of all, I want to thank you Mr. Solomon for your honest response for my article. I have tried to write articles mainly on Eritrean issue, before in my pen name ( Mickenega) and now in my name, because I think there is no consensus among Ethiopian. Furthermore, I am, also, one of those people who do not want to see this issue to divide us. If you see my articles, they have been written in such a way that can provoke discussion so that we can reach a common understanding on a very controversial issue.

Mr. Solomon I carefully went through your article, I did not see any major disagreement to what I mentioned in my previous article. However, in your first paragraph there is an implication that I want a war between Shaibia and Ethiopia. My article was mainly on the government’s inconsistent policy in treating Eritrea’s issue. I put a plain fact with evidence of interviews and the like. I think you shared my idea in that sense because you did not say anything. Having said that, I did not say Ethiopia has to go war with Eritrea. Nonetheless, as you said Shaibia and his financers worked hard to stabilize Ethiopia. You said they failed in their objective. I politely disagree with your notion for the following reasons. First, Shaibia succeeded in pushing the war from Eritrea. I think you may follow media out lets what has happened in Ogden since slaughter of Chinese and Ethiopians in the oil field. Secondly, Ethiopian army has fought basically Shaibia’s war in Somalia and beyond. Thirdly, you may also know what is going on in Western Tigria, even though there is no media coverage like others. That is also the hard work of Shaibia to destabilize the area in the name of other organizations. Fourth, after the Chinese Oil Field attack by Shaibia, the government has tried to resume the activity. The Chinese do not want to go back to the activity and others are reluctant to take the project because of security issues. Last but not least, our economy is supporting the war in Somalia, Ogden and other parts of the country. We recently heard that the defense expenditure dramatically increased. If there is no war this money may have been invested in priority areas. So Mr. Solomon do not you think Shaibia succeed in this regard? Hence, as long as Shaibia is there in power Ethiopia would pay the price, if not the higher price of instability. In this regard I think a government has a responsibility to defend the nation. I do not think you also disagree with this idea.

Meanwhile, I mention the Economy is in a right track. Even the world economic powers, the Fund and the Bank, witnessed that. However, economic growth requires peace to be sustained. We, including you Mr. Solomon know Shaibia work hard day and night to destroy our economy. There were times the government missed an opportunities to crush Shaibia. Had that opportunity used, the situation on ground would have been different and we would have seen more progress in our Oil and Gas development. I also notice a statement towards the end of your article that you like the no war no peace situation in the region. I also disagree with your idea in this context. First, this situation mainly hurts Ethiopia not Eritrea because we are on the right track of economic development which definitely requires peace not’ no war no peace.’ Second, I believe we are in a state of war with Shaibia. It is enough to mention the fighting between our soldiers and Shaibia in Mogadishu and the Ogden situation to substantiate my argument that we are at war with enemy. Hence, the situation is war not,” no war no peace.”

In conclusion, the core idea of my previous article is whether it is possible to be against and pro a war at the same time. To me this war is an extension of Shaibia’s war and intention to destroy the country. Mr. Solomon you did not say something on this issue. Please, let me see your opinion.


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