Where is the Show of Outrage?

By Engineer Ghirma W.G.

Oct.23 2007

The Diaspora Silent Majority has been typically mute on the issue of HR 2003 and its repercussions on the ongoing Security and Development efforts in Ethiopia. On the other hand, the Vocal Diaspora, with nothing else to do other than pushing their agenda to grab power by any means possible, is attracting most of the attention in the biased foreign media. I believe one of the reasons is because the Silent Majority has not been taking the CUD clowns very seriously.

A congregation of 200,000 Diaspora Ethiopians in front of Capitol Hill, waving the Ethiopian and American flags, would definitely eclipse the 100 or so voices of the sons and daughters of the Neftegna. Such a march by 200,000 real Ethiopians would also silence the attention-grabbing rogue Congressman Donald Payne who hails from the great State of New Jersey. I personally laud Ato W. Asa, for his article on Aiga Forum, which I personally found to be a very revealing glimpse of the misfit Congressman Donald Payne A_Misguided_Congressman.htm Maybe CUD has promised to bestow on Congressman Payne a seat as House Speaker in the dream “Neftegna Parliament”, along with shamefully acknowledging lobbyist Ana Gomes as some kind of “Ethiopian heroine”. The voices of 200,000 sober Ethiopians will send a very strong signal to the US Congress that Ethiopia is not for sale. Ethiopia will bow to nobody except the Almighty God/Allah: ኢትዮጵያ ታበጽሕ እደዊሃ ሃበ እግዚኣብሄር (Psalm 68:31).

On the home front, a minimum of 1,000,000 Ethiopians in Addis Abeba alone would send a very strong message to America, that Ethiopia is united more than ever before. That kind of energy from every major city of the country will reverberate around the globe, and expose the miserable CUD and their spokesman Congressman Donald Payne as enemies of Ethiopia. The message is that Ethiopia cannot be bullied, not even by the mighty USA. It is inherent in Ethiopia’s long History to become victorious against any and all odds. Congressman Donald Payne cannot inflict noticeable “pain” on Ethiopia for very long; even if HR 2003 becomes law, which I seriously doubt that it will. However, what HR 2003 might do is to dilute somehow, the ongoing success in the war against terrorism in the region at large. It may embolden al-Qaeda and inevitably could pose a threat to the National Security of Ethiopia as well as that of USA.

The CUD dream of ascending to power in Ethiopia by joining forces with OLF, ONLF, and PFDJ is repugnant. Little do these clowns understand that Ethiopians are tired of the old adage “scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. The youth in Ethiopia must understand that CUD is out to rob them clean of their bright future. CUD has no forward looking vision for Ethiopia. CUD, under ex-DERG leadership, is out to take away the rights of Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia, with its agenda to scrap the Federal Ethiopian Constitution. The concept of Ethiopia’s Nations and Nationalities having been empowered to attend to their internal affairs by utilizing their own languages, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, is objectionable to the CUD/DERG/Neftegna Coalition.

Ethiopians in the home front must be made to understand via local media that CUD’s design for Ethiopia is divisive and suicidal. Ethiopians must stay vigilant in protecting their rights under the Federal Constitution. If CUD were to have its way, it will make the chaos in Darfur look like a walk in the park. A prudent way for Ethiopians in the home front to show their solidarity with EPRDF and the other legitimate parties represented in Parliament, is by massive and peaceful show of force on the streets of Ethiopia’s cities to express their outrage against CUD sponsored HR 2003.

Democracy is in Ethiopia to stay for good. CUD, the DERG Clone, has become irrelevant as a viable opposition party.


The Gallant TPLF Fighters

Eternal glory to our martyrs!