We stand in unison for a Common Denominator

By U.T.N.A

Jan. 24 2008

Recently, the Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (T.D.V.A) delegation that toured the US and Canada, returned home safely registering a resonating triumph and exuding the deepest love and sympathy from the Tigray community and friends in North America The sojourn of the T.D.V.A delegation was unparaleled in its capacity and outcome attracting and magnetzing a huge audience in all the cities it set its legs on.

The TDVA project 2007, sponsored and hosted by the Union of Tigreans in North America (U.T.N.A) right from its inception is a project that anchored its design and ample implementation on the unreserved participation of the Tigray Community in general, and is the first project that has pooled the resources, expertise and above all the voluntary participation and partnership of the members of the Tigray community, both individually and collectively.

The excellent rapport and network that was facilitated by UTNA in concert with members of the Tigray Community from all walks of life was unmatched. UTNA, drew a plan and had designed the project to focus on three, quintessentially fundamental issues.

The primary target was to garner as much as possible a chunk of cash that could buttress T.D.V.As provisional financial objective, to serve as an added input to its grand mission. This part of the project, which appealed to the Tigray Community and friends was a complete success, cashing in over $ 270,000 / Two hundred thousand dollars/ way above the amount that was earmarked. This was a real phenomenal outcome, that was earned due to the undivided and united stand of the Tigray Community.

It is pertinent to underscore the meaning behind this success story. The community came forward unhesitatingly in support of the TDVA project, because that was an expression of our commonality. Not only did it leave un indelible mark for good, demonstrating the unity of all members of the Tigray Community, when if comes to our common history, collective struggle, regional issues and salient points pertaining to the sovereignty of our Country Ethiopia and the well being of its people, but also sent an



The Gallant TPLF Fighters

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