Shocking Book "Stolen Justice"

By Tseghe M. Foote

Oct. 17 2008

Shocking Book "Stolen Justice" Sheds Light on One Woman's Heroic Battle for Equal Justice & the Fight against Racial Discrimination Tseghe M. Foote begins Stolen Justice by recounting her early life as an Ethiopian girl, describing how her chance meeting with an African-American Peace Corps. worker, eventually lead to marriage and a new life in America. Although she ultimately divorced, Ms. Foote retained a fierce determination to stay in America and build a thriving business. At first she succeeded—beyond her wildest dreams.

After selling Ethiopian art on the side, Ms. Foote decided to open her own store—first called Zebra Imports, later Africa House—that would sell high-quality African art. Soon, she counted among her clients world-famous celebrities from all over the world.

But storm clouds of injustice were brewing. After moving her store to the Tabor Center in Denver—and operating a successful business for four years in a mall with only 56 percent occupancy—Ms. Foote one day was told the Center was evicting her. Although no reason given for the eviction held any water, Ms. Foote soon found herself thrown into the American justice system—battling to save her store from corporate and legal maneuverings that shook her faith and hope to the core.

Now—in the scathing exposé STOLEN JUSTICE—Tseghe M. Foote reveals the long legal nightmare she went through to prevent her thriving store, Africa House, from being evicted out of the Tabor [Shopping] Center in Downtown Denver. Chapter after chapter, Ms. Foote offers readers a shocking look at how powerful corporate and "legal" interests hide behind fancy, authoritative-sounding language and schemes in order to advance corrupt agendas. Ms. Foote reveals how she was abandoned at every turn by individuals, legal entities, and even a civil rights group professing to stand up for the "little person" against corporate and legal malfeasance . . . and how she ultimately won key victories in her brave, lonely, principled battle for decency, equality, and justice.

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