UTNA press release about Obama's election

Barack Obama: A historic Icon of Democracy and
America’s gift to the world.

Union of Tigreans in North America (U.T.N.A)

Nov. 07 2008

We members of U.T.N.A, a Diaspora Ethiopian NGO, domiciling in the US and Canada, would like to Seize upon this once in a millennium historic juncture to congratulate you president-elect Barack Obama for having been overwhelmingly elected by the people of the United States of America to be the 44th president of this land of opportunity and a beacon of democracy.

The historic nature of your election to the pinnacle of the executive office ushers in a new era by igniting and rekindling a strong hope in the minds and hearts of millions that the dream for democracy and justice is truly achievable. The election of an African- American as personified in you, is the truest testament to the enduring themes, of hope and change that were raised aloft in the course of your campaign resonating and reverberating across the width and breadth of the globe.

May we hasten to add that your startling triumph, despite the vicissitudes in the social, cultural and political contours that you have amazingly surmounted, has opened a new chapter in the lessons to be learnt and the faith to uphold in the realization of democracy by many countries in the world which are striving hard to build democracy from the scratch.

It is our strongly held belief that our country Ethiopia, stands to benefit from the American democratic exercise and rich experience in its current endeavor to establish democracy, development and peace as it has indisputably demonstrated in its fight against global terrorism as a staunch ally of the US in the Horn of Africa, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the world. Again U.T.N.A congratulates you on your victory!!