Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)

Press Release

For the success of the upcoming TDVA Sojourn

Nov. 17 2007

Members of the Tigrean community and partners are bracing themselves up and are in full gear to crown the Tigrean Disabled Veterans Association/TDVA/ support project with a resounding triumph.

Preparations that are in full swing in major cities across the US and Canada are winding their pre-event activities with the necessary conditions already in place.

The TDVA delegation that is going to tour North America by canvassing the cities of Washington DC, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Jose, Denver, Boston and Toronto will be accorded with a warm welcome by the Tigrean Community and friends, who are eager to see the events for fund raising and networking bear the desired fruit.

The Union of Tigreans in North America/U.T.N.A/ is proud to host the events and sponsor the project with the wholehearted partnership and participation of the entire Tigrean community domiciling in North America.

U.T.N.A, it is to be recalled had dedicated it self in support of the project of self reliance and sustainable effort of the heroes and heroines, by passing a resolution, two years ago.

The noble task of channeling an all out support to the veterans, by the Tigrean community and friends in the US and Canada will certainly boost the morale of our sisters and brothers, who have resolved to extricate themselves from dependency and be productively engaged citizens.

U.T.N.A, true to its belief in sharing and supporting our veterans had earlier donated two buses and other equipment and accessories to help the disabled members be self supporting.

We thus call upon the entire Tigrean community and friends to stand up and be counted by demonstrating their support during the upcoming fund raising and networking events that are set to be launched beginning the first week of December, 2007.

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