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Tigrai Online patriotic TPLF Songs-33rd anniversary of TPLF

Golden Lekatit 11 will be remembered for ever! TPLF Fighters

The people of Tigrai started their struggle on Lekatit 11 1967 (February 11 1967) Ethiopian calendar. The Tigrai people never bowed for any one throughout history. Whenever there was injustice done to them, they resisted and challenged who ever try to oppress them. We as a people have been free since time memorial.

From the death of the Ethiopian emperor Yohanness the fourth who was from Tigrai, the people of Tigrai were subjected to untold suffering by the Amhara elite. After ninety years of horrible oppression by the chauvinists, the people of Tigrai rose up and started armed struggle. After seventeen bitter long years of bloodshed we completely destroyed the shackles of our enemies. The TPLF was born under these bitter circumstances and the people of Tigrai paid in blood to remove the huge obstacles that were blocking their way.

On the 34th birth of TPLF Tigrai Online would like to remember those who paid the ultimate price, their lives. Our martyrs are our pride and glory.

To the enemies of the people of Tigrai, Choose your fights wisely! or get ready to end up in the dustbin of history.

Eternal Woyane with NO Apology! In Memory of Lekatit 11

Hawolti Swuat-I took this picture in 2003 - Tigrai Online

“Civility is not a sign of weakness”, asserted J.F. Kennedy sometime during the Cold War Era, when the USA and the USSR were vying for global hegemony. Civility, and respecting democratic rights of others were enshrined in the strategic institutional arrangements of Woyane II. This was done long before the armed struggle was declared 33 years ago on Lekatit 11 at Dedebit. The unique social values, norms, tradition, and history that characterize the Tigraian culture were essential building blocks of the social, economic, political, and military institutions of Woyane II. That is why Dergue, with its largest military machine in Africa, which was sustained by sophisticated spy system and military hardware of the USSR, was humiliated and annihilated in the hands of the heroes and heroines of Woyane II. Unfortunately, the present day chauvinists do not appear to get it. Their stupidity is always revealed through their behavior of interpreting the Tigraian civility as a sign of weakness and fear. (A.G. Michael, Canada) Read more

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