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Tigrai Online, Sept. 27, 2012

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Tigrai Online is a community website where our visitors get their daily news, listen to music, read articles, and participate in our forums. Our website is updated daily seven days a week sometimes multiple times a day. We provide a free platform for writers, artists, charities, politicians, government bodies and individuals to connect with the thousands of our website visitors.

Tigrai Online is one of the biggest and the fastest growing Ethiopian websites providing daily News, Articles, Political analysis, Music, and Forums.

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For a reasonable price, we can post your banner or a text link throughout our website including our home page; our most-often visited page. We have limited ad spaces on our home page. The price range varies depending on the location and size of the ads.

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We accept several media types, the following are the most common ones; Gif, Jpg, Png, Text links and Rich media html.All ad formats must be approved by our web master and marketing group before posting. Payment must be received before a campaign can begin.

Please contact our Sales Director, admin@tigraionline.com, for requests-for-proposal and additional pricing information.

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