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Psychiatrists Pay No Attention But Abiy Ahmed Is a Typical Case Of Aspd: The International Community Should Act Fast To Stop The Genocide In Tigrai Without Preconditions.

By G.Amare
Tigrai Online March. 29, 2021

July 12, 2020, I posted an article where I expressed my concerns regarding Abiy Ahmed's sociopathic behaviours. I am reposting it with some changes and additions because the information is still relevant and deserves urgent attention from the international community.

Abiy Ahmed is committing a war crime against humanity in Tigrai. He is working in partnership with the Eritrean president to destroy the whole people of Tigrai. The situation in Tigrai is dire, complex, horrifying, and savage.  Tigrai is experiencing a variant and wild form of genocide. Non-stop, indiscriminate and merciless massacres of civilians are taking place. Starvation and raping are being used as weapons of war.


Religious places, cultural and historical heritages, and industries are either looted, vandalized, and turned into debris or ashes. Farm animals are being slaughtered or seized. Edible fruit-bearing trees such as mango are being cut and destroyed.  Health services and schools have ceased functioning. The majority are looted and or deliberately destroyed while a few of them remain non-functional due to damages.

Yet, the international community is investing much of their resources in calling upon and appealing to Abiy Ahmed to i) stop the war; ii) allow unfettered humanitarian access; iii) consent to an independent investigation; iv) order the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean troops and Amhara forces; and v) agree for inclusive political discussions and negotiations.  However, Abiy Ahmed gave deaf ears to such repeated calls and appeals. As a result, the international community is not operating at full capacity to bring meaningful results: rescue the lives of the Tigrai people.

Here again, I am earnestly requesting the international community to reexamine their approach and synchronize their efforts to help the people of Tigrai without wasting time negotiating and trading with Abiy Ahmed. It should occur to their mind that the Tigrai people are in danger of a wild and variant form of genocide, engineered by an individual with a typical Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) in collaboration with the Eritrean president, Isaias Afeworki, who is one of the most known dictators with secretive, manipulative, deceitful, and callous behaviours.

Abiy Ahmed is a leader without vision and direction. We are witnessing the Amhara chauvinists advising him. They are manipulating his ASPD condition to their motive to restore a unitary political and administrative system in Ethiopia that had failed to recognize the nations and nationalities right to self-rule and gave no respect to their values, language, culture, and religion. Instead, the unitary system served as a source of subjugation, humiliation, and dehumanization. The Amhara chauvinists shamelessly claim themselves as a "standard reference" for any non-Amhara citizen to be a human. The chauvinists are known for their heedless, warmongering behaviours, and pretentious and swaggering bravados. This group was the engineers of the war which resulted in mass killing during the time of the dergue regime and their slogans:

"Everything to the war front!!!"
"We will put nature under control!!!"
"Forward with our resolute leader!!!"  
"One country!!! and that country: Ethiopia!!! and one leader!! and that leader: Mengistu!!!  


Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. Ethiopians have started hearing the same slogans. War at the expense of human life and economic downturn. The Amhara chauvinists' only concern is "power by any means."  They found Abiy Ahmed to be a Round Peg in a Round Hole. They rallied in support of Abiy Ahmed's declaration of war and genocide against the people of Tigrai, knowing that he is a blatant liar, schemer, and acts in ways that show no remorse or regard for others.

As you may be aware, the concern of mental fitness has become more serious and common than ever before following the coming of President Trump to power. Many citizens shared their concern that Trump lacks a general understanding of the decision that he makes. They feared that his unwise and erratic decision-making may result in serious risks and consequences. He is unable to remember and use the information provided by expertise when making and communicating decisions. Many expressed their concerns that Trump is unhinged, dangerously impulsive, egotistical, self-contradictory, and divorced from reality.

In the book titled "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assessed whether their moral and civic "duty to warn" America supersedes professional neutrality (Lee, 2017). The group warned against entrusting the U.S. presidency to someone who exhibits dangerous symptoms including: "grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality." Zimbardo and Sword explained Trump's impulsivity in terms of "unbridled and extreme hedonism"; and Malkin writes on pathological narcissism and politics as a lethal mix (Lee 2017).

Same concerns have also been shared by politicians and legislators because they felt that Trump's actions were of serious consequences. The situation influenced them to introduce a bill to Congress to mandate medical and psychiatric experts evaluate a president who is suspected of being unfit to perform their duties.

However, no one is paying attention to Abiy Ahmed's conditions and actions. He, without a doubt, is showing more serious symptoms of ASPD. His condition deserves urgent attention. His ASPD condition is deeply ingrained causing rigid dysfunctional thought processes, exploitive and criminal behaviour. Abiy Ahmed uses deception or manipulation to get whatever he wants. He shows no regret or guilt. He lacks a sense of empathy and remorse. If his condition is not controlled, he will continue furthering his reckless and irresponsible acts to result in extremely detrimental societal harms and destruction. The international community need to act immediately if they hope to save the people of Tigrai. Time is of the essence.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) diagnosis ASPD when an individual's age is ≥ 15 years and observed to have 3 or more of the following traits:

An ASPD individual regularly breaks laws. Abiy Ahmed is known for breaking laws and orders. He doesn't abide by or care for societal norms. He is acting against the will of the people of the nations and nationalities. He denies their constitutional right to vote and remove their elected officials. Abiy Ahmed meets this criterion of DSM-5.   

An ASPD individual constantly lies and deceives others. Abiy Ahmed is very famous for his shameless and blatant lies. Just to give one example, for months he denied the involvement of Eritrean troops in the war in Tigrai. Within the past three days, however, he reported to the parliament that the Eritrean troops have taken part in the Tigrai war and admitted their involvement in committing crimes against defenseless civilians, destructions of historical heritages…. At the same time, he underscored to the parliament that the Eritrean troops will stay in Tigrai until a guarantee is given to Eritrea's security concerns (???). Then, the next day, after his return from his visit to Eritrea, said that the Eritrean troops will leave Tigrai. So, which one to believe? None because Abiy Ahmed has been dishonest and mendacious right from the beginning of his premiership. His lies are limitless. He uses lie as a guiding principle. Abiy Ahmed meets this criterion of DSM-5.   


An ASPD individual is impulsive and doesn't plan. Abiy Ahmed always acts and reacts impulsively and without due regard to the consequences of what he says and does. His unplanned actions and impulsive decisions have created unhealthy relationships with neighboring countries such as Kenya, Sudan, and Djibouti. He created a myopic relationship with an evil man-the Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki who is manipulating Abiy Ahmed's impulsive behaviours-to conspire against the Tigrai people. This has resulted in war, genocide, mass displacements, humanitarian crises, halting social services, and brought headwinds to the economy. Abiy Ahmed always acts in response to immediate stimuli without a plan or due regard to consequences and engaged in thoughtless initiations. He remains detached from reality and lives in fantasy. The PM, without question, meets this criterion of the DSM-5.

An ASPD individual shows irritability and aggressiveness. Abiy Ahmed often is seen demonstrating irritable and aggressive behaviors. He aggressively wants to achieve his motive by doing anything and everything within his reach and at the expense of killings of people. He is unwilling to learn from mistakes or accept ideas from others but rather expresses a sense of irritable and stubborn characters. When challenged or questioned, he gets irritated and becomes indignant. I believe this criterion of the DSM-5 qualifies Abiy Ahmed to be an ASPD case.

An ASPD individual has little regard for the safety of others.  It is an open secret that thousands of people are being displaced and killed but Abiy Ahmed pays no regards. He doesn't seem to have sympathy and empathy in the killings of thousands and displacement of millions as long as such actions are executed in alignment with his motives and interests. Abiy Ahmed shows a lack of regard for people's rights and feelings. He desires to stay in power at the expense of others' lives and the country's sovereignty. This criterion also correctly defines Abiy Ahmed's ASPD.

An ASPD individual shows irresponsible behaviors. Abiy Ahmed irresponsibly makes a lot of sudden twists and turns. He doesn't want to be accountable for his wrong actions and failures. He always points a finger at others. He irresponsibly sabotages and conspires with enemies in exchange for financial gain and material support, only to meet his greed for power. Abiy Ahmed has difficulties responsibly fulfill his obligations. This criterion also qualifies Abiy Ahmed to be a case of ASPD.

An ASPD individual doesn't feel remorse or guilt. It is an open secret that Abiy Ahmed has compromised and undermined Ethiopia's security and sovereignty. His actions have placed Ethiopia's foreign relations in a state of confusion and disorder. He has repeatedly badmouthed and belittled Ethiopia's 27 years of progressive efforts for personal political gains. However, he has expressed no remorse for all his reckless and irresponsible statements, wrongdoings, and blunders. The PM also meets this criterion of the DSM-5.

In summary, ASPD is often diagnosed after harm has already occurred. Its management can be also difficult which requires a team of experts dedicated to the treatment of this disorder. However, what is clear is that it would be very risky to allow an individual with ASPD to assume a premier position that demands high responsibility and accountability.

Abiy Ahmed should not be allowed to stay in power. He has already made enough destruction. Tigrai is bleeding and suffering due to sustainable crises consequent to the reckless actions and irresponsible all-out war declared by an ASPD individual who should be removed from his responsibility to stop from furthering his savagery crimes against humanity.

The International Community Shouldn't Waste Time in investing its resources in calling upon and appealing to Abiy Ahmed to Stop the Tigrai Genocide as he is a typical Case of Antisocial Disorders (ASPD).