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Why is the traitor Abiy feeling frightened about the unavoidable Tigrai’s democratic election in 2020?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online May 2, 2020

Why is the traitor Abiy feeling frightened


One does not have to be a politician to understand the mind of the illegitimate prosperity party (PP) nicknamed as “Property party share company.” As it was published last year at Tigrai online on 9th November, 2019 under the title “ETHIOPIA:EXPECT NOT ELECTION OR RESIGNATION,” I had tried to express my concern to the Ethiopian federalist forces not to fool themselves by expecting a democratic election to be carried out in Ethiopia. Property party was born through illegal process and will continue to live with its illegal game plans.

Thanks to my brother Isaias Afewerki, the dictator who fulfilled the WHO’s social distancing rule by hiding in the North Korea of Africa (Eritrea), he had exposed the plan of PP in his interview with the ERI-TV two months ago. In his interview, Isaias Afewerki had threatened Ethiopians not even to think about democratic elections. PP’s response was simply “Amen our boss.”

Dictators want to distance themselves from the ideology and practice of democracy and elections. Democracy and freedom are very contagious like corona Virus. Illegitimate governments and dictators fear the practice of democratic elections in their own countries or neighboring countries.

However, democratic elections are part of the political culture of the Tigray peasants. The Tigray peasants used to carry out democratic elections before the prosperity party members were born in Ethiopia. Hence, democratic election is not a matter of option for Tigray. It is a matter of maintaining the culture and the supremacy of law and order in Tigray.


Delaying democratic elections in Ethiopia is denying the rights of the Ethiopian nation and nationalities. In Ethiopia, historically dictators are born by generating crises inside and outside Ethiopia. For instance, the derg military regime had ruled Ethiopia undemocratically for more than fifteen years (15 years) under the PROVISIONAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT by generating crisis all over Ethiopia.

The unlawful acts of the derg regime caused civil wars and destruction of Ethiopia. The team illegal prosperity party is recycling the derg regime’s path of destruction and failure. However, in today’s Ethiopia, the nation and nationalities will never allow the wheels of the derg regime to be reversed. All Ethiopian’s had already started exercising the benefits of self-rule and democracy in the last 27 years.

Imagine the Derg regime had stayed in power for over 15 years under Transitional government. Within the 15 years other democratic countries had carried out at least 3 consecutive democratic elections. You can also imagine what the prosperity party does plan after September 2020? Will derg’s history repeat itself? No, not at this time, at least in Tigray a recycled derg will never succeed.

In conclusion, the Ethiopian nation and nationalities should collaborate with each other to save the Ethiopian democratic federal system. In Ethiopia, the history of the dictatorship is buried once and for all. But, prosperity party is desperately trying to reverse and impose the past dictatorial systems on the Ethiopian nation and nationalities. PP should make no mistake again. The wheels of the past history will never be reversed in Ethiopia again. PP should not be allowed to invite another cycle of crisis to the motherland Ethiopia. Never again!