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Mr. Abiy's deceptive "Humanitarian Ceasefire" is officially over, now, before even being real

By Dr. Goitom Aregawi/Ztseat
Tigrai Online July 17, 2021

It is to be remembered that, Ethiopia's government, after leaving Tigray by force of bullet, said that it was "voluntarily withdrawing its army from Tigray" and was declaring a "Humanitarian ceasefire for the sake of the farmers in Tigray". These words  might have deceived few unsuspecting individuals and parties inside the country and abroad; but, people who closely followed Abiy's behaviour, and the actions that followed won't. 

Certainly, the actions, the rhetorics since then(since the "declaration") told a completely different story from that of Abiy's and his allies'. In fact, with every day passing, why Ethiopia's limping military had to leave Tigray, and what it really meant when it said "humanitarian ceasefire" were becoming clearer for everyone.


The "declaration" is now officially over; and the farming season is just starting!

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's 'Humanitarian Ceasefire' actually was a tactic employed to buy time to regroup, and escalate the campaign of genocide on Tigrayan population; and erase Tigray, altogether. The fake” declaration" officially over now, the genocidal intentions of Abiy and his allies have never been more obvious.

Few Facts: 

Ethiopia's government didn't actually withdraw from Tigray "for Tigray's farmers to plough" as it claims to be the case,  but was driven out from Tigray, following a crushing defeat at the hands of TDF.

As we speak, Ethiopian government is mobilizing all regional militia forces, police forces, and all regional special forces in the country to once again invade Tigray, and finish the "job", i.e total decimation of Tigray's population, and total decapitation of Tigray, it started 8 months back. Ethiopia's government this time is letting Amhara Regional Government do the dirty job. The intention is also for the civilian population of Amhara and Tigray to at least go in to a never-ending civil war for years to come, should Tigray's total annihilation fails. This has extremely irresponsible, dangerous, evil intention.

As we speak, Oromia Special forces, Oromia militia, Somali Special forces, Afar Special Forces, Sidama Special forces, Southern Nations and Nationalities Special Forces, various regional militias e.t.c have been made to join the genocide on Tigray, i.e joined Amhara Special forces, Amhara militia, Ethiopia's National defence forces, Eritrea's Defence forces[which are already in the genocidal action]. Other regional militia and special forces(from Gambella, Benishangul, e.t.c) are getting prepared to join the campaign of genocide on Tigray following a strict order from the Federal government.


That also means, the fake "humanitarian ceasefire" is officially over, while the farming season is just beginning. 

The truth is, the genocidal war on Tigray is at its height, now; Tigray is now fighting against all regular and irregular armed forces in Ethiopia and from Eritrea in its own land. 

As we speak, telecommunication services, electricity services are cut for two weeks now, in Tigray. Bank services are interrupted; all bank accounts opened in Tigray are frozen(one can't access them in other parts of Ethiopia, for example).

Major bridges on main routes along the Tekeze river have been blown up by Ethiopia's and Amhara's forces, to cut off Tigray from the rest of the world.

All roads from and to Tigray are blocked; flights are suspended. All impediments are in place so that no humanitarian aid reaches Tigray. The blockade is at its worst level. The plan is that 900,000 people in Tigray already in famine die in the coming days ahead, and the 5.2 million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid go to famine and subsequently die of starvation. The ultimate goal is, to decimate Tigray's entire population.

Reports show that 46,000 Tigrayans are now in concentration camps and prison cells in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia. 17,000 of them have been there for the past 8 months now with due process of law; 29,000 of them were added in the recent waves of mass arrests.

Tigrayan businesses are shut down in waves in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia.

Dozens of civilians brutally killed in Amhara region over the past three days; thousands are arrested. The intimidation, the harassment against Tigrayans, inside Amhara and elsewhere in Ethiopia has reached a dangerous high level.


State media and prosperity party-affiliated private media are calling for total decimation of Tigrayan population; government officials are using state media, social media platforms, and public gatherings to declare total extermination of Tigrayans. The prime minister has been trying to dehumanize Tigrayans using various terms, including "Day-time hyenas", "hen" , "aliens", "junta',  e.t.c also labelling Tigrayans "backstabbers". He was recently seen accusing Tigrayans for being "the sources of all evils in Ethiopia". To this end, Pro-government activists are openly calling for extermination of Tigrayans, altogether, using mainly Facebook and YouTube, passionately vehemently arguing that to be "the final solution for the all the miseries of the country". Mainstream media outlets at the forefront of the genocidal campaign are including Government Televisions like Amhara State Television, Fana, Walta; pro-government private and community Televisions like ESAT, Adebabay TV, Mereja TV; newspapers like Fitih, Addis Admas and Reporter. They are not doing sporadic hateful propagandas, but in a well-coordinated, well thought-about manner that the federal government and Amhara regional government are coordinating and financing.

This is what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's "humanitarian ceasefire", which has ended before it was even started, looked like over the past two weeks; his genocidal intentions are apparent and bold. His government's genocidal intentions are too forceful to even hide it from the diplomatic community; that is what Finish FM Mr. Pekka Haavisto even witnessed. 

The international community shall intervene today (not tomorrow), and stop the genocide on Tigray, before it is too late, for anyone to do a thing about it.