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Queen Sheba School Alumni and Friends- International
Holds its First Annual Conference

By Tigrai Online
July 04 2011

Tigrai Online - Queen Sheba AlumniIn what could be termed as an expression of nostalgia and a resonating atmosphere of feeling of togetherness, former students and friends of Queen Sheba School of Adwa, in Tigray, Ethiopia, converged for a two-day convocation and festival from all corners of the US and Canada here in Washington DC., yesterday.

The first order of business was to hold a meeting of the members of the board of the Alumni Association last Friday. The Board set the agenda and items that the entire members should focus on.

Two academicians drawn from the renowned University of Maryland University College and the Howard University of Washington DC, made presentations pertaining to the genesis of modern education in Ethiopia and the future focus of education in the country.

The third panelist Mr. Getachew Belay dealt with the current status and focus of education in Ethiopia and the impressive strides that have been made to-date to buttress the quality and bolster its out-reach in an equitable and fair fashion across the width and breadth of the nation beginning from the bottom layers to the highest ladder in the educational hierarchy.

During the interregnum prior to the much anticipated gala extravaganza staged on Saturday evening, the Queen of Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends- International made an appraisal of its bylaws and organizational structure and Charted out next year's plan of activities.

Before the start of the Musical and traditional dance festival on Saturday evening which was presented by vocalists from here and from Ethiopia and other professional musicians, the President, Mr. Getachew Belay made an all encompassing quick report on the heretofore accomplishments of the organization, future plans of activities and the envisaged second annual celebration destined to be held in Ethiopia next year.

Mr. Getachew Belay acknowledged the presence of the Guest Of Honor for the event Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy, and Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the United States of America. The Ambassador later praised the initiative and exemplary role of the association and the enthusiasm of its members in their resolve to participate in the nation building process by injecting their due share in the alleviation of the bottlenecks observed in the sphere of education by focusing on their former school.

The Special Envoy promised the audience that the Ethiopian government would stand ready to facilitate and to do its level best to augment any positive measures that the association undertakes to further its mission in accordance with the law of the land.

In the ensuing time, the audience took to the stage in a spirit of jubilation and fanfare by taking part in the musical bonanza. To-day on Sunday July 3, 2011 members of the Alumni Association partied on a get together picnic where they had fun, sports and various types of enjoyments.

According to authentic sources from the Alumni Association members have chipped in a net revenue of over Birr.360,000 in financial assistance towards supporting School projects already in the pipeline.