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Eritrea still refuses to release three Yemeni naval soldiers

Tigrai Online
April 16, 2012

Eritrea refused a request by current President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to release the three Yemeni naval soldiers who have been held in Eritrea for over three years.

Hadi made it clear to the Eritrean foreign minister who visited Yemen last month that Eritrea has to release the three naval soldiers who were taken prisoners because they unintentionally entered the African neighbor territorial waters and that it should stop its repeated assaults and attacks on Yemeni fishermen.
Apparently, Eritrea ignored Hadi's calls though it promised to follow up the case.

The family of the naval officer, Adel Abdullah Haza al-Sharabi, who has been imprisoned in Eritrea for three years, demanded that the government assume its role and spare not effort in making sure that al-Sharabi and his colleagues be released, and thanked the interest showed by Hadi in the case.

It called on the Ministry of Interior to keep constant contact with the Eritrean authorities and ensure that al-Sharabi and his colleagues be released as soon as possible.

For his part, Abdu al-Qarashi, a tribal damnatory from Sharab area of Taiz, said that when Yemen has captured an Eritrean soldier, the Eritrean government has quickly sent its foreign minister to Sana'a to negotiate his release.
Its now our turn to send our foreign minister to Eritrea to negotiate the release of Yemeni captured soldiers, said al-Qarashi.

Al-Sharabi, and two other soldiers were captured by the Eritrean authorities when powerful wind forced their boat to enter the African country's territorial waters whilst on their way to Al-Zubier Island.

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