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An Extra-ordinary Session of IGAD Countries Ambassadors Forum to the US Held

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April 18, 2012

IGAD Countries Ambassadors Forum Metting at the Ethiopian Embassy - Tigrai Online An extra-ordinary session of the Heads of Missions of the IGAD member states forum was held in Washington DC. at the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy in the US capital to-day April 18, 2012.

The extra-ordinary session of the IGAD member states Ambassadors' forum was graced by the presence of Mr. Mahboub M. Maalim, Executive Secretary of IGAD who took part in the special session.

 Welcoming the participants to the august panel, Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy and Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the US and non-resident Ambassador to Mexico, who is the current Chairman of the Forum highlighted the  points  that were covered by the session.

In his presentation of the salient agenda items the Chairman of the group stressed the need for IGAD to identify the various projects it has charted out. In relation to this point he underscored that such an approach would enable and intimate the pertinent issues of significance to IGAD with the group.

The Ambassador further noted that the items thus identified will be incorporated with the long range roadmap the forum envisions and has drawn and knot them with the series of issues it envisages in the course of its engagement in order of priorities with concerned US partners.

The Secretary General of IGAD, Mr. Mahboub Maalim, took the podium and made an extensive deliberation of the vast activities that IGAD is currently engaged in and briefed the dignitaries on the broad issues that the Regional Organization presently focuses.

IGAD's minimum integration program which includes, Peace and Security, the Environment, Economic Development and Sustainability, Trade, Investment and Tourism, Social Services such as Health, Food Security and Human rights and related political issues and the need of Empowerment of Women which are the main areas of challenge that IGAD is duly addressing have been highlighted by power point presentation in the course of the meeting.

The participants in the session thoroughly discussed the urgency and necessity of streamlining the Group's Agenda of engagement with the mission of IGAD.  In this regard the participants concurred for the need for a continuous visibility effort of IGAD.

What is more, this propitious atmosphere creates an auspicious climate for members states to make the needed public relations task in breadth and depth so that IGAD will not only benefit from the ownership by the respective country's constituency but also could further enjoy the continuous advocacy role championed by the public at large,  they underscored.

In the course of their lengthy deliberations the participants identified Peace and Security, Food Security and the promising road of Development and Trade that is being impressively registered by IGAD member countries at present as cannon fodder for the way forward in the course of the engagement of the Forum.

 In the conclusion of the robust discussion the Ambassadors' Group dealt at length on the need to co-ordinate multi-lateral moves in league with the resolutions adopted by the parent organization, IGAD and declared by underscoring the task of promoting the stand taken by IGAD at various forums.

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