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The Conqueror of Abay Is In Excellent Nick

It was very uplifting indeed to hear that the indomitable Prime Minister has fully recovered and is in excellent nick.

By Berhane Kahsay, August 14, 2012

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles ZenawiIt was very uplifting indeed to hear that the indomitable Prime Minister has fully recovered and is in excellent nick.

It was very uplifting indeed to hear that the indomitable Prime Minister has fully recovered and is in excellent nick. The African leader is expected to go   straight to his desk after his return to his beloved country; even from his hospital bed he kept himself busy by following progress of the bilateral negotiations taking place between North and South Sudan that is being facilitated by the former South African President Mr Tambo Mbeki. We gather the Premier is eager and restless to make his way home, but he has been strongly advised by his physicians to take a deserved break after 33 years of uninterrupted service to his people. A lot is expected of our esteemed leader before he hands over power to his successor. The Premier wants to ensure that, the jewel in the crown, GTP, designed to maintain the double digit economic growth, and make the country self sufficient in food production is successfully executed.  And in two years time, a history would be made when a very competent and capable Prime Minister relinquishes office voluntarily.  

Thank god the PM is alive and kicking, and this must be excruciating to the very few Diaspora opposition who are completely devoid of human compassion. The spin-doctors went into overtime and exaggerated the PM’s health beyond belief. The rumour mill was set in motion to cause utter confusion and uncertainty; sheer fabrications and lies were posted on the toxic Diaspora cyber space on daily basis in order to destabilise Ethiopia, and make her susceptible to internal upheaval and a possible external attack.

Even the novice Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) established by a pseudo doctor who sold a substandard university college and made millions of birr was involved in spreading white fibs. The press statement released by ENTC regarding Premier Meles was very comical and hilarious indeed; it announced his death by quoting a ‘reliable ‘source. Well, the PM is with us and doing nicely, and this has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that, the so called ‘reliable’ source didn’t exist at all; it was simply a lie of the worst kind intended to give credence to ENTC that is trying to punch above its weight. ENTC has no following at home or in the Diaspora, and it is just a matter of time before this organisation of 10 or 20 people slip from the radar all together. 

Just before its demise, ENTC appears to be in a rush to replace G-7 which is fast disintegrating into various warring factions determined to eliminate each other. The Eritrean dictator, who has increased his daily alcohol consumption due to his unhappiness at Meles’ full recovery, isn’t too pleased with their antics, and may summon them to Asmara to give them a piece of his mind. Not to be outsmarted by ENTC, G-7, from its death bed, also announced the demise of PM Meles naming the International Crisis Group (ICG) as its source. And this was immediately refuted by way of a stern and strong statement posted on the ICG website. Definitely the Eritrean tyrant expects a better service form G-7 for propping it up ever since its inception. At present, Dr Berhanu is engaged in fund raising from his gullible hardcore followers as he feared the Eritrean dictator may sooner or later pull the plug on ESAT TV as he hasn’t been getting value for his money.     

Out of utter despondency, G-7 is even allying itself with the very few Muslim extremists on the payroll of Saudi Arabia Salafists who want to reduce Ethiopia into rubbles. The extremists are shameless, and they seem to be in a race to torch as many mosques as possible, and by the last count, 150 of them were razed to the ground in one locality alone. Not long before this, G-7 was trying to gain a few political mileages by raising insincere concerns related to the   construction of huge sugar factory miles away from Waldeba monastery. G-7 is simply a reactive and opportunist outfit, with no policy or programme of its own needed to alleviate the multitude problems afflicting Ethiopia.  It is to be expected from an organisation led by a ‘’highly educated’’ bloke who lasted a few months in Assimba before he run to the Sudan leaving his comrades behind. True to form, the good doctor did the same thing to the entire kinijit leadership when he abandoned them for a greener pasture in the US soon after his release from incarceration. This timid man who was embarrassingly outwitted by the ‘’commoner’’ Lidetu Ayalew in 2005, is simply not a match to Premier Meles who is a cut above the rest.       

The Editor-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Review also played his part by posting on his gutter down market website that Meles Zenawi’s body arrived in Addis Ababa from Belgium and that he has been replaced by Abay Weldu as the leader of TPLF.  No one takes the cyber warrior very seriously, but now may be an opportune time for him to seek psychiatrist’s help to resuscitate his sanity if he had any in the first place. In any case, the PM is alive and in good shape, and he is still the leader of the formidable TPLF.  Esayass’ poodle has been exposed for what he is --- a liar and a fabricator of the worst sort.  Credit ought to be given to Signor Elias Kiflom for being consistent in posting ‘news and views’’ lacking a single grain of truth. Reeyot Alemu’s prison terms have been reduced from 14 to 5 years, and this verdict clearly indicates, if evidence is needed, the impartiality of FDRE courts beyond reasonable doubt. This woman who was being paid by Elias abused the freedom of press that exists in Ethiopia today, and called for the overthrow of the democratically elected government. Even those working for the pariah leader of Eritrea directly or indirectly, receive fair justice as guaranteed by the FDRE constitution that came into being as a result of the huge sacrifices made by the Ethiopian youth. Give me ‘’Woyane Courts’’ anytime, but if you prefer kangaroo courts, make your way to Shabiya’s Eritrea.    

Many opposition groups have come and disappeared into thin air never to be heard again. Every trick in the book was used to dislodge the democratically elected Premier of Ethiopia but failed miserably. The moment they heard the PM’s health mishap, they went literally wild as they thought that this was their opportunity to create chaos, and in the ensuing melees grab power. It is obvious that the very few dying Diaspora opposition have given up hope of removing PM Meles while alive and are praying for his death. Even the Egyptians are scared of the ‘Abay Conqueror’, and wanted him dead ; the Premier squared up to them in the interest of his country, and what the Egyptians must get into their heads is that, the Grand Millennium Dam will be constructed with or without Meles at the helm, and there is very little they could to curtail  it.

Also the Premier of Kenya, Mr Raila Odinga, interfered in the internal affairs of a sovereign neighbouring country by publically stating that ‘’Ethiopia is unstable country’’ and in the absence of PM Meles, it could collapse negatively impacting the Horn region. In the economic field, Ethiopia is out performing Kenya, such us the flower industry, and the Premier is naively imparting the wrong impression of Ethiopia in order to scare away potential investors. Surely, no one would listen to a power manic that incited inter- ethnic clashes resulting in the death of hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent people and nearly brought about the disintegration of his country. If this man had a drop of decency, he should have retired from politics all together.

 In any case, the PM is retiring soon but the strong institutions put in place would ensure the continuity of the current system come rain or shine. The proof is that, in the absence of PM Meles, his government functioned as usual; the country’s budget was approved by parliament, and the executive and judiciary functioned as normal. Huge gathering of African heads of state in the metropolis was completed without a slight glitch, and the very few Muslim extremists plan to disrupt the AU meetings were foiled thanks to the participation of the followers of the great religion. The cost of living is unacceptably high, and yet, the never ending efforts by the opposition to fermante civil war similar to what is taking place in Syria have fallen on deaf ears. The people are perfectly aware that this a temporary malaise and would correct itself in due course.The public are also aware of the fact that, to have  new roads, new country wide unversities, new hospitals and clinics, new elementary and secondary schools, new dams etc, there would be an unavoidable painful episodes along the way. As the saying goes--no pain no gain.

Furthermore, numerous attempts have been made to induce university students to go on the rampage but the calls didn’t take off the ground. This was owing to the simple fact that, the current universities are no longer dominated by a single ethnic group which was the case during the previous unelected and grossly repressive regimes. The vast majority of students are direct beneficiaries of the current decentralised ethnic based federalism and they see no plausible reason to change it. The absence of PM Meles didn’t alter the status quo in Eritrea either; the naughty boy Esayass is where Meles left him---facing the wall.

Ethiopia is now on firmer grounds and no matter what, the current system can’t be easily shaken. It isn’t the police or the security apparatus that have made this possible; it is indeed the Ethiopian people who could clearly see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, the enemies of Ethiopia are not making headways in their insatiable desire to turn the clock back and install brutal and authoritarian rulers that could precipitate the complete fragmentation of the country.

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