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Prosperity Party representative says Abiy Ahmed and his party will win 100% in Tigrai

Tigrai Online March 12, 2020

Awelu Abdi

A representative of the illegal prosperity party, Mr. Awelu Abdi in an interview with Ahadu TV said his party, the Prosperity Party will win one hundred percent of the votes in Tigrai in the coming Ethiopian election.

Knowing the current political crisis in Ethiopia and the tention between the Tigrai people and the Prosperity Party the claim by Mr. Awelu is not only exaggerated beyond believe, but it is also far from the reality on the ground.


The reality is Prosperity Party have been completely rejected by the majority of the Ethiopian people and the popularity of Abiy Ahmed has been deflated.

Mr. Awelu’s claim that Prosperity Party will win 100%t of the votes in Tigrai in the coming Ethiopian election shows the leaders of the party are detached from reality and the Ethiopian people.

Mr. Awelu is a Head of Public and Foreign Relation of the Prosperity Party, but what he said about his party’s winning against the TPLF in Tigrai makes him look very naïve and delusional to say the least.

Mr. Awelu’s extraordinary claims also indicate Prosperity Party is so desperate to win in the 2020 Ethiopian election. They will even go to any length to claim the victory of the election including cheating because in reality Prosperity Party will not win one percent let alone 100% in Tigrai.

In the interview one of the journalists asked him do you have any studies that show you will win 100% in Tigrai? He didn’t even hastate for a second to say yes, we have done all the studies we need that we will win one hundred percent of the votes in Tigrai. Let’s think for a moment about this, if Prosperity Party wins 100% of the votes in Tigrai what percentage would the four parties in Tigrai win?

We would say respectively to Mr. Awelu it would be very wise for you to worry about how to maintain your seat in the Ethiopian parliament after the election because your fake and illegal Prosperity Party is dead from the get go.