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The Next Fabricated, Contaminated, and Drama-like "Evidence" by the Prosperity Government

By Abebe Teklehaimanot (M/G)
Tigrai Online January 6, 2022


On 17 December 2021, the UN Human Rights Council "adopts by vote a resolution establishing an international commission of experts on Ethiopia to conduct an investigation of human rights violations and abuses by all parties to the conflict." The Ethiopian government has categorically rejected the Council's decision and said that it would not cooperate. It is not surprising for criminal offenders to refuse independent investigations to atrocities. No criminal is expected to allow access to its closet where it is hiding all the skeletons.


On the other hand, the Tigray State Government (TSG) is responding to all allegations of Summary Execution by Human Rights Watch against Tigray Forces like any responsible government would do: "To the degree that any member within Tigrayan forces may have victimized non-combatants, our heart goes out to the victims of such crimes. If our investigation discovers that Tigrayan fighters have in fact deliberately targeted non-combatants, the Government of Tigray will bring the perpetrators to justice". It is also to be recalled that TSG was calling for an independent international investigation all along, and now it welcomes the latest UN Human Rights Council's resolution on establishing an independent investigation commission.

Whether the UN-HRC will implement its resolution is a different matter. Nonetheless, international experts need to comprehend the context of the environments, i.e., backgrounds and settings within the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments, TSG, OLA, and Amhara forces to separate truth from lies and render justice to the victims. This paper tries to discuss very few exemplary (not exhaustive) cases of the Federal Government's general ethos, attitudes, practices, etc. The piece extends inference that one should expect piles of fabricated, contaminated, and drama-like evidence in Amhara, Afar, and Oromia regions because these very distinct characteristics of the ruling elite. They will go to any length to implicate TDF or OLA in all the unrelated atrocities. They have started it!! National television reported that eleven industries were “demolished” in Kombolicha by TDF. However, after two weeks all the industries become operative. One can imagine how the Prosperity group are outrageous liars and will continue accordingly.

Plagiarism Grandeur

Plagiarism begins with the name and emblem. The creator and president of the party and many authorities are members of the Prosperity Gospel Church. When shown for the first time, somebody I don't remember tweeted that the logo of the new Ethiopian party is similar to the logo of Boston Prosperity Gospel Church. So, I Googled it and got that it was a matching copy except that the Amharic and English phrases indicate a party symbol. Compare it for yourself. Read more, the whole article is available here


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