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Egypt and South Sudan accused of dirty deal in HOA

Tigrai Online, January. 14, 2016

Egypt and South Sudan accused of dirty deal in HOA
President Salva Kirr of South Sudan, Eritrean President Isais Afwerki visited Cairo recently.

South Sudan’s armed opposition (SPLM/A-IO) on Monday accused Cairo and Juba of working on a secret deal to keep South Sudanese President Salva Kiir in power, a senior SPLM-IO official told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.


Our intelligence sources in Kampala and Juba confirmed that Egypt wants South Sudan and Uganda to be her regional allies so that she can advance its covert sabotage campaign against the Ethiopian Dam. The man [Kiir] is a double agent; he will cause many problems for the entire East Africa region,” asserted the source.

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TOL Remark and analysis 

The Egyptians are desperate at this time not only is their source of income drying up, the country has been in conflict with itself since 2011. There is an active rebellion in the Sinai Peninsula which constantly attacking the government on daily bases. The Saudi Kings are very still very upset about Egypt’s support to Iran and Russia and the two countries quarrel expanding to the Horn of Africa. Both are trying to get supporters in the region. The Saudis decided to create an alliance with most important country in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia. The Egyptians on the other hand are playing house with countries of little impact in geopolitics of Africa or spending their money and energy in weak terrorist groups.

The last Egypt-Eritrean attempt to destabilize Ethiopia was destroyed by the Ethiopian people and the state of emergency. The anti-peace groups in Gonder which was coordinated by the Eritrean and Egyptian governments has melted away for two reasons. First despite all fake call of unity the Ethiopian people outside of the region ignored the call from Gonder. The second reason is OLF loudly and clearly told the Gonder demonstrators find your own fools, we are not allies and we will never be united with you. They further told them if we can, we would like to disintegrate Ethiopia, OOPS! GIM-7’s dream coming to the New Flower turned in to a nightmare.

Meanwhile Ethiopia has expelled three Egyptians accusing them spying for Cairo. The three Egyptians were working in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia.

As you can see from the above South Sudanese News Agency news report Egypt didn’t give up its dream to immerse Ethiopia in to a civil war, so Egypt still trying to establish military training base in South Sudan. We think Egypt might still have some embedded agents in Gonder and the rest of the country. This week we all heard what happened in the Entasal Hotel in Gonder where one person was killed 19 others were hurt in a grenade attack. Isn’t it ironic a city where most of its income is generated from tourism seems to be destroying its hotels and drive the tourists away?

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