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Eritrea admits it’s force are fighting in Tigrai supporting Ethiopian government

Tigrai Online April 17, 2021


After nearly six months of denying the Eritrean government has finally admitted the Eritrean army is fighting in Tigrai in support of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has been vehemently denying there was any Eritrean forces in its soil. Many Ethiopian high ranking government officials including Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed has rejected the presence of Eritrean forces in Tigrai until last month when the Ethiopian prime minster under tremendous pressure admitted indeed Eritrea has sent troops to Tigrai.

Eritrea has been mainly quite about the issue, but some Eritrean high ranking officials have dismissed the accusation of many international and Tigraians assertion Eritrea has sent thousands of its troops to Tigrai. Yesterday on April 16, 2021 the Eritrean permanent representative to the United Nations, Sofia Tesfamariam sent a letter admitting her countries forces are in Tigrai and they will be pulling out from Tigrai. Tesfamariam didn’t admit explicitly the presence of Eritrean troops in Tigrai, but she said the Eritrean forces will withdraw to be replaced by Ethiopian forces.

Furthermore, as the looming grave threat has been largely thwarted, Eritrea and Ethiopia have agreed – at the highest levels – to embark on the withdrawal of Eritrean forces and the simultaneous redeployment of Ethiopian contingents along the international boundary. Eritrea avails of this occasion to thank UNSC member States who have insisted on adherence to established norms in this case too. 

According to the government of Tigrai over 50 divisions or over 300 thousand Eritrean soldiers including mechanized and commando divisions are fighting inside Tigrai in support of the Ethiopian government who has declared war on the state of Tigrai since November 4, 2020. In addition to the Eritrean & Ethiopian forces forces from the neighboring state of Amhara fighting beside the federal forces. Over 3000 troops from Somalia also are taking place in the war in Tigrai according to some Somali parliamentarians.

Despite the disproportional size of numbers and weapons the Tigrai Defense Forces - TDF have stood their ground against the overwhelming armies of the four countries and UEA drones. The Tigrai Defense Forces - TDF numbers are swelling everyday because thousands upon thousands of Tigrai youth are joining TDF. In the recent engagements TDF forces have decimated many divisions of Eritrean and Ethiopian combated forces.

According to international human rights organizations like Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch and international media organizations like CNN & BBC, the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces in Tigrai are committing crimes against humanity and war crimes. Reports from the U.S. government also show gross human rights violation are taking place in Tigrai including ethnic cleansing by the invader forces. Many people in the world are outraged by the crimes against the people of Tigrai including using hunger and sexual attacks as weapons of war.


Abiy’s Team of Aggressors and Isaias’ Puppies Can Never Subjugate the Heroic Tigrayans: Shifting Adversity into Expediency
In addition to the looting of valuable items from the region’s residents, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, and educational centers, Abiy’s and Isaias’ armed forces inflicted damages on historically noted monasteries and mosques. They raped underage girls, women, and nuns, raided youth in the streets, and have contributed to the exodus of more than 60,000 Tigrayans to Sudan.