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Italy Suspends military cooperation with Ethiopia because of the war in Tigrai

Tigrai Online February 5, 2022

Italy Suspends military cooperation with Ethiopia because of the genocidal war in Tigrai. Italy's Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini confirmed the Italian government has suspeded all military cooperation as reported by an Itaian website, Panorama. The following snipit from Panorama.

Five months after the parliamentary question on the Italian military agreement with Ethiopia presented by MP Piera Aiello, Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini answered. «In light of the degenerating situation in Tigray» he announced on January 28, «I represent that the Ministry has ceased any type of activity foreseen in the Cooperation Agreement».

Guerini also pointed out that «when the conflict broke out, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, gave a negative opinion to the requests for authorization received by the National Authority Uama - Unit for the authorization of armament materials - regarding the export of any armament or dual use material to Ethiopia, as it could not exclude the risk of use in the context of the hostilities in progress».

«Absolutely» comments Elisabetta Trenta. «Italy's attitude towards the conflict in Ethiopia has always been lukewarm. In my opinion, with regard to the military agreement, it was necessary a formal act, an official formal interruption, to put stronger pressure on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. By the way, I would also like to know how the agreement was suspended. Was Ethiopia informed about it? Or was it simply put on hold, pending developments? Let's say that Italy has not taken strong actions». Other countries have. Starting with the United States, who imposed sanctions, but also cancelled economic and military agreements.

Nonetheless, for the first time Italy has taken a position. And the Tigrayan community in the world has warmly appreciated it. Tigrayonline.com Youtube channel is, for istance, running a video whose cover shows a picture of the Italian minister amid other current affairs characters.

Read More at Panorama


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