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Tigrai state responds to Amhara regional state accusations

Tigrai Online, March. 7, 2019

Tigrai state responds to Amhara regional state accusations
The people and government of Tigrai will never fire the first bullet, but if war is forced onto them they have the will, the experience, cohesive unity to respond decisively.

The Amhara regional state of Ethiopia has lobbed serious accusations against its neighboring Tigrai state. According to Amhara Mass Media Agency TV report yesterday, the Amhara regional state accused Tigrai state for military buildup, moving its special forces to the common border of the two states.

The Amhara Regional State Council is holding its 12th regular congress the state capital Bahir Dar this week. The Amhara state council said Tigrai state leadership who were thrown out of the federal government and are working to stop the ongoing “change” in Ethiopia are doing the mobilization for war in Tigrai state.

The conflicting statement also said the peace loving people of Tigrai will not be quite when their leaders are preparing for war against Amhara regional state.

Today March 7, 2019 the Tigrai Communication Affairs Bureau published an official response from the Tigrai State government to the groundless allegation of Amhara state.

In the official statement the Tigrai government said the people and government of Tigrai know the consequence of war really well and will not start war lightly with anyone. The first priority of the people and government of Tigrai is to bring about democracy, development, rule of law, and making poverty history.

On the other hand if one asks who was beating the war drums for the past few years, it is obvious for most rational and peace loving of Ethiopia and the world.


The Tigrai people and government are patiently but, carefully watching all the provocations against them and their land. We all remember those armed Amhara groups in Kobo a few months ago and the televised threats by Amhara groups a month ago. Who is doing the provocation, the threats of invasion, and the overall military bravado?

Who is trying to buy arms from different sources including Egypt to attack Tigrai and its people? The shameless statement by Amhara Regional State Council is groundless and fabricated for propaganda purposes.

If the criminals in Amhara Regional State think the pile of lies will save their neck from the fire they started in their own state, they are mistaken because the poor people of Amhara know them for who they are; a bunch of unqualified puppets and prisoners of war.

As to the people and government of Tigrai, they will never fire the first bullet, but if war is forced onto them they have the will, the experience, cohesive unity,  the truth, history of winning on their side.


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