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Oromo orthodox have chosen their own patriarch and teach the words of God in their language rebirth of Orthodox

By Yared Huluf
Tigrai Online 1/24/2023

Patriarch Sawiros of Oromia

It is an inalienable individual right to believe in any religious denomination  or not to believe. A belief is a belief. There is no such thing as one belief being superior to another belief, nor one is inferior to other beliefs. All beliefs have their basis in supranational deities and all could not be subjected to empirical  analysis for proof. Therefore this article is not a criticism  of religion or specific religions.

That said though religious institutions now and in the past have been used and misused to achieve personal and regional gains.


At times when there were no patriarchs the Aksumites blamed the king for the curse of droughts that occurred due to not having a patriarch to communicate the will God.

In 1000 AD the king of Aksum Hatsie Degnajen requested a patriarch from Alexandria and begotten an imposter by the name of Qedros, a Muslim, but there were others Muslims appointed before him too numbering to five anointed - as Patriarchs, who were on a mission to undermine Aksum.

At the time of the arrival of Qedros, Gedeon the father of Aster -Esato/Yodit was a religious prisoner, committing heresy, in Aksum. With the ill advice of Qedros, Gedeon was hanged which led eventually to Yodit to take up arms and defeat Degnjen, where his son, Annbessa Wuddem, fled to Showa, whilst a boy.

Once power was transferred from Aksum to Amhara, the church was effectively exploited to advance the colonial expansionist Amhara grip over the rest of Ethiopia. The institutional hierarchy was dominated by Amhara nationalists but also believers were coerced to carry Mass in Amharic, where they had no knowledge of the language. Likewise the church preached not religious matter but politics. It told followers that the king was God-sent and must be revered and obeyed.

When I was a child and playing with friends hide and seek in a church compound, I took cover and hid behind an Oak tree and I did, from nowhere a hermit appeared next to me. As he stood, he retorted, “have you seen Jesus Christ?” I replied, “where is he? Thinking he had comedown to bless us all.

“No, no, I mean to say, has he come to your house to do business with your mother or sister.” When I heard that I was flabbergasted and could not believe my ears or eyes I am seeing a hermit, draped in hide, wrapped in chains. But he was also well built unlike a hermit whose life is sustained with frugal substances.

Thereafter I never went in to a church yard and began to suspect that some of the self claimed hermits were indeed government security forces on a payroll travelling with a mission and psychologically and spiritually controlling the rest of us to toe the line of Amhara domination in the name of God.

Now the Oromo orthodox have chosen their own patriarch and teach the words of God in their language the people understand that is a Nobel cause everyone ought to support.


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