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Raising 100 million dollars from the worldwide Tegaru diaspora to help the people of Tigrai

TigraI Community/Association In Toronto
Tigrai Online July 10, 2021


Dear Tegaru Toronto;

The people of Tigrai through their democratically elected president, Tegadalay Dr.Debretsion G/Michael have made an urgent appeal to the diaspora community for financial help.  In response to that, the Alliance of Tigrai Associations in Diaspora (ATAD), set out a plan with the aim of raising 100 million dollars from the worldwide Tegaru diaspora in the coming month or two.

The government of Tigrai as well as the Tigrai community board, are aware that, in the last 3 difficult years, aside from advocacy and diplomacy, members of our community have participated in many fund-raising events: such as Mekete#1, locust infestation control, displaced Tegaru in Djibouti, Sudan, Mekele, Shire, Waldiba... etc. Thank you all for your generosity, hard work, and resilience has shown especially in the past 8 months.

Though we are elated and thrilled our elected government is restored, we are also aware of the fact that the government is taking responsibility for over 900,000 Tegaru at the brink of famine, 5.5 million in need of emergency food aid, empty coffer, destroyed infrastructure, traumatized society, no budget, no electricity, no-telecom, no banking..etc,... unless we all enthusiastically participate and do our very best to rescue our government and people now, thousands of lives will be lost and our self-autonomy compromised.

In recognition of the above challenges, Toronto and surrounding community Tegaru have started Mekete#2 humanitarian fundraising with an individual goal of 2500 and collectively a target of one million dollars from Toronto and surrounding areas. With your help, we can do it, please donate as much as you can, and spread the information to ALL family and friends. "Every Tigraway is diplomats for Tigrai"

Bank Account for Humanitarian Mekete#2 Fundraising # is:

Tigrayan association in Toronto.
TD bank Bank #:004
Branch(Transit) #: 11042
Account# : 0512_527_6478

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address, we would be obliged to assist.

Sincerely yours,

Board: TigraI Community/Association In Toronto & its environs.