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TDA says it has established TDA Chapter in Asia at continental level and construction of the 12 special high schools is progressing well

Mulugeta Belay
Communication and Public Relations Directorate Director, TDA International.
Tigrai Online June 15, 2020

TDA says it has established TDA Chapter in Asia

As you are aware, Tigrai Development Association/TDA is working hard in terms of executing giant education and health related projects in different parts of Tigrai and simultaneously of soliciting funds using diverse methods including, but not limited to, short codes and bank accounts to cover the cost. 

 Mid last year, TDA has announced publicly a 3-billion birr 3 years' strategic plan that mainly focused on converting 3072 'das'/makeshift classes into blocks and building 12 special highschools in 12 mayor-administered towns of Tigrai. In parallel, it has also devised fund-raising mechanisms which give every Tigraway residing in and out of Ethiopia and the poor and rich equal chance to be able to contribute to the achievement of the noble causes of TDA.

ዋና ቤት ፅሕፈት ማልት ዓለም ለኸ ስሩዕ ዝኾነ ማልት ጨንፈር ኤዥያ ብዕሊ ኣጣይሻ