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Tigrai Army Military Command announced over 80 thousand Ethiopian soldiers have been put out of use in the past few days

Breaking News, Tigrai Online December 12, 2021

Tigrai flag on anti airdraftTigrai Defense Forces driving with a an anti aircraft gun

Today December 12, 2021 the Tigrai Army Military Command announced over 80 thousand Ethiopian soldiers have been put out of use in the past few days battles between the Tigrai Defense Forces and the combined military forces of Ethiopian National Defense Forces - ENDF, the Amhara Special Forces, Militia and Fano.


Two weeks ago the heroic Tigrai Defense Forces announced they were making strategic geographical military rearrangement and based on that they left some Amhara towns. The Ethiopian government tried to make it look the Tigrai Defense Forces - TDF were pushed out from those places in southern Amhara regional state were. The Ethiopian media outlets also tried to lionize Abiy Ahmed the genocidal prime minister of Ethiopia. Little did they know the TDF was pulling them to where they wanted them and hit them hard and hit hard they did. Not only did they killed, wounded and captured 80 thousand soldiers, but the igrai Defense Forces recaptured the historical city of Lalibela and Gashina another strategic town connecting the city of Woldiya and Bahirda.

Tigrai Army Military Command on it’s news release said the Tigrai Defense Forces - TDF moving forward mopping up the remaining government force who are fleeing everywhere in disarray.

The Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Amhara regional governments have been waging a brutal genocidal war against Tigrai for over a year. Tigrai is completely blockaded and isolated from the outside world. There is no telephone, no internet, no banking, no land or air transport. Thousands of Tigrai people are massacred by Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Amhara forces. Millions of people displaced and starving because they can’t do they daily activities. Famine is spreading in Tigrai because of the war.

The people of Tigrai are fighting for their existence and survival.


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