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Mrs. Geraldine Byrne Nason, Irish Ambassador to the UN: Thank you for fighting against famine, rape and violence in Tigray

Tigrai Online June 27, 2021



Mrs. Geraldine Byrne Nason
Irish Ambassador to the UN

RE: Thank you for fighting against famine, rape and violence in Tigray

Your Excellency Ambassador Geraldine Byrne,

Security and Justice for Tigrayans in Ethiopia (SJTE) would like to extend its deep respect and appreciation to you, and to the government and the good people of Ireland for the continued time-tested support you provide to Ethiopia, and in particular to the people of Tigray in times of crisis and natural disaster.

Tigray is now a place where the worst atrocities and genocide in the world takes place. The gruesome acts of violence and rape are too painful to describe. The deliberate starvation of the people in Tigray is part and parcel of the Tigray genocide. The region that was once described as tranquil and booming economically has now turned into a scene of horror and destruction.

As you currently stated in your statement at the UNSC, “People in Tigray are starving, and we cannot delay… we have to ensure that no more lives are lost. All evidence now points towards an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe.”


Your statement released on May 25, states as follows:

“As a direct result of the conflict, we now are hearing early warnings of famine in Tigray. And despite the large humanitarian operation in the region, the intentional denial of humanitarian access by all sides, the intentional protection violations by all sides, and worst of all, the intentional killing of medical and humanitarian staff is driving a catastrophic downward spiral that will lead to continued human suffering, malnutrition and quite conceivably famine.”

In UNSC meeting called by the Government of Ireland, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock told Security Council members the following: "there is now famine in Tigray…" "Eritrean soldiers are using starvation as a weapon of war," "Rape is being used systematically to terrorize and brutalize women and girls. Aid workers have been killed, interrogated, beaten, blocked from taking aid to the starving and suffering and told not to come back.”

The intentional killing has continued unabated. The Abiy government in association with President Isaias of Eritrea are continuing to bomb and kill indiscriminately. They have amassed weapons of mass destruction including chemical weapons to destroy the people.


Irrespective of the indisputable horror one observes in Tigray, the world seems reluctant to take a decisive action on the perpetrators. Mr. Pekka Haavisto, Finland’s Foreign Minister recently disclosed, the Ethiopian authorities have told him that “they are going to wipe out the Tigrayans, destroy the Tigrayans for 100 years.” There is no better or more reliable proof for the United Nations that will enable it to act to save an entire ethnic group from extinction than this.

We write this letter to convey our sincere thanks to your government and the people of Ireland. As we stated at the outset, Ireland has always been at the forefront in helping Tigray. We will never forget the assistance the Irish people gave in the great famine of the 1980’s. Irish farmers, businessmen, celebrities, and governments were always the first to respond to Tigray’s agony. For this we remain forever grateful.

Once again, on behalf of Tigray and Tigrayans all over the world, we would like to convey to you our heartfelt appreciation.