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The brutal Eritrean army continues committing horrific atrocities in Tigray

Message from the Government of Tigray regarding current developments
Tigrai Online 11/20/2022

Having been heroically defending themselves from the genocidal onslaught waged against them, the people and government of Tigray have been committed themselves to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement between the Ethiopian government and the Government of Tigray signed on the 2nd of November 2022. This agreement is expected to bring about lasting political solution to the ongoing genocidal war.


As per the agreement, hostilities are to cease, the FDRE constitution respected, and the invading Eritrean and other forces withdraw from Tigray. However, unhappy with the agreement, dictator Isaias Afeworki is bringing in more units into Tigray though expected to withdraw his troops; and this invading army has continued committing atrocious crimes against our people. The Eritrean army is committing brutal gender-based violence against our women, massacring innocent civilians, looting public and private properties and transporting them to Eritrea; and destroying, and setting whatsoever is left on fire. Tigray's heritage is also being destroyed and looted on a large scale. In general, the Eritrean army has intensified its comprehensive attacks against Tigray and its people even after the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed in South Africa.

Therefore, the Ethiopian government must honour its responsibilities, and the international community must act to immediately stop the atrocities and injustices committed by dictator Isaias Afewerki against Tigray and its people; force him to withdraw from Tigray, and hold him into account for the crimes he has been committing in Tigray.

The government of Tigray also calls on the international community, especially the African Union, the United Nations, the United States of America, and the European Union, to put proper sanctions and take concrete measures against Isaias Afewerki’s dictatorial regime.

Our Survival and Security through our strength!
Tigray Shall Prevail!
The Government of Tigray
19th November 2022


Message from the Government of Tigray regarding current developments about Eritrean army brutality in Tigrai

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