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Tigrai State Emergency Response Organizing Committee Press Release regarding displaced Tigraians

Tigrai Online Sept, 4, 2016

Tigrai civilians deported from Amhara state

The State of Tigrai has released a press release regarding the deportation of Tigraians from Gonder, Mettema, Armachiho, some parts of Bahirdar, and many small villages in Gonder.

So far about 4060 people have arrived to Tigrai through Mai Tsebri, Mai Kadra, Dansha, Humera and many other towns in north western.


The Tigrai government has established temporary shelters in Humera, Endasilasse Shire, Axum, and Mekelle to help the deportees and register them. Many of these Tigraians have been living in these parts of Ethiopia for 30, 40, and or many more years. This is pure and simple ethnic cleansing based on race not politics or political stand. Many of those are families including women and children who have nothing to do with politics. Some of them are business people who invested millions in the local economy and who employed many people who were forced without anything. Some are government employees who fled with cloths on their back.

The Tigrai State Emergency Response Organizing Committee is registering every individual including what they did for work, how many family members they have, what they owned, what they lost, and other detail information needed for legal action and someone is going to answer for this crime.

Still there are many Tigraians stranded in mamy parts of Amhara state and their lives is in danger. We all have to do whatever it takes to help them out.

The people and government of Tigrai are grateful to the people and government of Sudan for their support and helping hand to our people.  

This is unprecedented historical mistake by those who are behind this evil action against the people of Tigrai and the scar will remain forever in the history of Ethiopia.

Every single Tigraian throughout the globe and friends of the Tigrai people should make a stand on this issue. If you are Tigrawai do everything in your power to support our people in their time of need. This is not the time for falt finding on anyone including the state government. Now we need ot be there for our people dispite our political differences.


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