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Eritrean government grandiose lie explodes on its face

Tigrai Online, November 02, 2013

The Eritrean government since it’s existence as a government in the tiny Horn of Africa nation has portrayed itself much bigger than it really is. Their fundamental existence and foundation is based on lies. Over the years they have become experts on fabricating and decimating lies. This week one of these lies exploded on their face and they are desperately trying to clean the mess.

Eritrean soldiers dressed as Ethiopian rebel group TPDM
Eritrean government soldiers pretending to be Ethiopian rebel group called TPDM.

People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ, the only political party led by the aging former rebl leader Isaias Afewerki are masters of propaganda and misinformation. These collection of former rebles also known as “Shabiya” have ruled the country with un iron fist for the past 23 years. They use misinformation, intimidation, fear mongering, killing and arresting to keep the people of Eritrea under control.

To assert their influence in the region they allegedly host terrorists from many countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia. One of the so called rebel groups in Eritrea is the Tigray People's Democratic Movement TPDM along with scores of other Ethiopian terrorists. There has been so much said about this group for years. Last month Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of Ginbot 7 was bragging and boasting how menacing and powerful the TPDM military is.

So, even though we knew Shabiya and Adargachew would exaggerate the military force of TPDM we assumed they might have a few hundred ragtag soldiers comprised of disgruntled Ethiopians motivated by their own personal issues.

This week a very small incident in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, uncovered a big truth about the Ethiopian and other countries rebel groups Eritrea is hosting. Like any other day in Eritrea heavily armed soldiers were roaming the city streets rounding up young and not so young people for the mandatory military service. When all the pushing and shoving was going on the people in the streets of Asmara noticed the soldiers don’t speak the local accent of Tigringa and they started to question who those soldiers were. Tigringa accent like any other language in the world varies from region to region within Eritrea and Tigrai and people are able to tell each other apart just by the accent.

The rumor mills started to do what they do best, pump all kind of theory about the identity of those soldiers. Some said they were TPDM soldiers brought by the Eritrean president because he does not trust the Eritreans since his origin is from Tigrai. Rioting was reported in Asmara and other towns, some reports say even a soldier was injured in the incident.

The Eritrean government is shaking in its boots since the hundreds of Eritreans died in the high seas trying to reach Italy last month. Almost 500 Eritreans died in October in three tragic accidents. The Eritrean people are asking so many questions why their young kids are risking death to escape their country. Shabiya propaganda masters are trying to deflect the attention of the Eritrean people by blaming America, Ethiopia and Italy. They even tried to distract the world media attention by creating a diversion in the refugee camps in Tigrai State in Northern Ethiopia.

While Shabiya is planking and trying to figure out how to contain the pint up anger of the people from the Lampedusa accident, another one explodes on its face in Asmara.

The all skillful masters of misinformation of the Eritrean government are trying to calm down the Eritrean population and they are forced to tell the truth. They admitted the soldiers are not Tigraians. In meetings taking place in many towns high government officials disclosed that TPDM is entirely made up of Eritreans born and raised in Ethiopia (Amiches) and they don’t speak Tigringa with Eritrean accent.

There you have it, finally the truth comes out shining. There are no thousands of Ethiopian rebel groups waiting for the right moment to attack Ethiopia. The so called TPDM, EPPF, Ginbot 7, OLF, ONLF and the rest of terrorists are the average Sawa boys rounded up from the streets of Asmara like any other Eritrean. The only difference is they speak a different accent Tigringa, Amaharic, Oromifa and other Ethiopian languages because they were born and raised in Ethiopia.

Eritrean soldiers dressed as Ethiopian rebel group TPDM
The same Eritrean government soldiers marching, this time as Eritrean military.