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Attention, I Have a question to all my Tegaru compatriots, are we Tegaru Terrorists?

By Mahteme F Demewez (PhD)
Tigrai Online May 6, 2021


Who do we label the main terrorist in the conflict of Tigray?  

To answer correctly, we need to evaluate the current situation in Tigray, Ethiopia.

At this time, we Tegaru in the diaspora have made the whole world aware that the Ethiopian dictatorial government of Abiy Ahmed in collaboration with other enemy forces has waged a genocidal war on the people of Tigray, committing Genocide/massacres, looting and destroying all types of properties and has been and continues to commit horrific sexual violence against girls and women in Tigray.

When we were calling on the international community to prosecute Abiy Ahmed and his government for the most heinous crimes against the people of Tigray, Today May 6,2021 the unelected Abiy Ahmed’s parliament has declared that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is a terrorist Organization. That means Abiy Ahmed is ready to commit more crimes against the people of Tigray, and we must immediately act to stop his anti-human activities.


The decision they made TPLF as a terrorist organization concerns my rights and applies to all of us Tigaru collectively and individually. The “terrorist acts” proclaimed by an illegal government of Ethiopia on TPLF violates  the human rights of the entire people of Tigray and give the perpetrators the opportunity to arrest, kill, confiscate at any time and place, and to restrict the right of our people’s individual and financial movement from place to place.

At the same time, it is an anti-Tigrayan proclamation aimed at prosecuting and detaining further the tens of thousands of Tigrayan professional Tegaru who are still being held for a long period of time in various cities and military training centers in Ethiopia for no apparent reason.

Therefore, we Tegaru, wherever we are, must act NOW nationally and internationally through demonstrations, Twitters, petitions and other means of communication methods to stop labeling us as “Terrorists”.  (let’s say, we must act within 10 days, Until May 16,2021).

We must STOP Abiy Ahmed from labeling us as “Terrorists” and show the world that he is number one terrorist and the leader of unelected terrorist government.

When we address our concerns, we can use the following MOTTO:

  • We are Weyenti Tigray (TPLF).
  • We are fighting for Peace, Justice and Democratic Rightist in Tigray!!
  • ንሕና ወየንቲ ተጋሩ ኢና!
  • ንሕና እነካዪዶ ቃልሲ ኣብ ትግራይ ሰላም: ፍትሒ: ዲሞክራሲያዊ መሰላትን ንምርግጋፅ ኢይ!!
  • Terrorism is what we Tegaru fight as our main enemy. 
  • We, Tegaru are members and supporters of the TPLF and its government, and are not terrorist, but advocates for peace, Justice, and self-determination in Tigray.
  • We, the people and the government of Tigray, stand for peace and our history shows us as peacekeepers.
  • We are fighting against terrorism to STOP the massacre of the people of Tigray by the Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed and the Eritrean Isaias Afewerki dictators.
  • Our struggle is to STOP the terrorist acts of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments.
  • We are addressing our voice to the international community to immediately act to STOP the Ethiopian and Eritrean perpetrators from their terrorist actions and genocide on the people of Tigray.
  • Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki are the leaders of the terror attacks on the people of Tigray, and they are number ONE terrorist leaders in the contemporary world.
  • We accused Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afewerki and the Amhara governments sponsored Terrorism, because they: 1) committed massacres on the people of Tigray; 2) looted and burned properties of the people of Tigray and caused mass starvation by closing /blocking transportation routes and aid supplies; 3) raped and abused young girls, women and aged mothers and traumatized them; 4) committed Ethnic cleansings terrorizing the people of igray.

Therefore, we fight to bring them to justice for their acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

  • UN, USA, EU, we demand to STOP governments sponsored terrorism in Tigray.
  • UN, USA, EU, we demand to take military action to remove the Eritrean and Amhara forces from Tigray and stop mass starvation in Tigray.
  • Who are we labeling as Terrorist?  The one who committed mass killings in Tigray.   Who is that? Abiy Ahmed. Who is that?  Isaias Afewerki.  Who are terrorists? Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afewerki and their governments.
  • Can we say rape, and mass killings through starvation are an act of terrorism?   Yes.                   Who committed such terrorism and genocide in Tigray? Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki.
  • What do we ask the international community? Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki must be accountable for the crime they committed and bring them to justice in the International Criminal court (ICC).


ቃልስና መሪርን ሓፂርን እዩ!        ዓወትና ናይ ግድን እዩ!    

        ትግራይ ትዕወት!! Tigray will prevail!   

Mahteme F Demewez (PhD)


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