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The tweedledum  and tweedledee leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia are working round the clock to reverse the progress made thus far in Ethiopia

By Temsgn Kebede
Tigrai Online July 31, 2020


Just because the PM speaks Tigrigna does not mean he has the heart and mind of the Tirigrian mass in as much as he speakers Afan Oromo sweet words, but impels  the spears and daggers through the Oromo hearts and livers as we speak.

He has forgotten at a time of crisis action speaks louder than words but  he is a sort of an old dog in a new fur and cannot learn a new trick. He comes out on a screen time and time again as a murmuer clown nightfall he had forgotten to go home.

One of his other old dog friends wrote in Merja News outlet and I quote the tile as it says it all, but I do not know who he has written it against unless he was grubbed by delirium tremens mixing buddies as enemies, when in fact it explains himself:“የበላይነትን የለመደ እኩል ሁን ስትለው የተዋረደ ይመስለዋል”– ታዬ ደንደኣ"

The last 27 years were the years people of nations and nationalities felt some sort of equality, some sort of fairness and belongingness. It was a time when they discarded the chains of slavery and humiliations and began expressing their needs and aspirations of equality and equal treatments under the same shade. And it was a time when power was mostly shared with some አጋር sister partners on the process of progress to ranking upwards the political ladder.

But all these progresses are nothing in the eyes of the Unitarians who held power tooth and nail for 131 years starting with guess who you know! They were and still are not in the business of serving and advancing the cause of all people. They love having slaves in their courtyards providing them services with all sorts of things. They had no mental capacity appreciating and respecting other people’s dignity. They would never admit others People’s strength and efforts. They never venture to be creative and daring to free the subjects from poverty. And if someone tried to do so what they were not capable in doing, they dismissed efforts and achievements as if they did not exist and changed lives. They ate so unsecured and lack confidence, they would not trust other group of people to lead the nation. Even if another group of people outside their circles paved their road with gold, they would not appreciated the propines. For a start they would vilipned achievements. Further they would mingle in between and spare no time to sabotage and undermine the Endeavour from within, as they did being members of EPRDF, so as not to lift people from misery basket.


So as the story  goes,ኣሀዳዊን will not stop turning all shapes and size of stones in the hope of hoodwinking the oppressed nations and nationalities, who for the last 29 years has breathed a sigh of relief. They want to turn the clock back and mess the lives of others including the nation of Amharas in whose name they were and still profiting themselves from.

For well over 29 years the country has been governed by rule of law. For better or worse there is a constitution and using the constitution the PM has come to power. It is not through violent means using the barrel of the gun that he ascended to power.  One cannot go backward and try to find dirt and use Bildungsroman talks to stay in power beyond the timeframe the constitution allowed. However clever the PM may thing, solipsist that he is, he feels that he has the ability to lecture through what people  want to hear as deipnosophists do for lack any authentic services they have to offer their listeners. Every time they leave a table  after executing their devious plots to gullible audiences, deep inside they feel bankrupt and desolate and want to end their lives, some do. But I am not saying he feels the same way, you know who..!

 That said, a speech, however crafted is a speech, it is not the same as delivering an election, electorally mandated. Yes, it is time to deliver an election. It is the panacea for of thing. DELIVER THE ELECTION, pure and simple. And those from afar, Ohoy! Can you heat!! Stop the double standard! You tell Venezuela to carry out elections under sanction threats; you tell Ethiopians, you tell them you are satisfied with a dictatorial government that election is not needed, it is excess Africans do not deserve! One leg on fire, another leg on ice, you tell your people you are librate and posed; leading the world. No, you are not!

It would be up to the people and the people only who can decide who to be led by and deal with internal and external issues the country faces.

A nation is not a congregation of cult followers eager to shut their eyes and be led. It is a nation of people with rights and duties that requires responsibilities and accountability. 

A nation is led by rules and regulations that are transparent. There is no hidden agenda a group of people seated at the helm can and could decide on their behalf. 

It is unheard of a leader who plots and conspires with a foreign power regarded as an enemy of own subject and allows its murder squads operate in the country where targeted subjects (Oromos and Tigrians) are exposed to kidnappings and killings on a daily bases.

Blind fold your eyes and I will lead you to the precipice but do not feel surprised for your demise. I have nothing to do with, it is God’s promise to punish and exorcise!

The tweedledum  and tweedledee leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia are working round the clock to reverse the progress made thus far, for it is by rolling back if they could, the rule of democracy and federalism and in its place put a dictatorship that they would achieved their ambitions to control and exploit Ethiopians from and by extreme opposite sides of the same coin - the creation of Menelik!