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Tigrai Defence Forces (TDF) deny the enemy the capacity to launch Blitzkrieg by disrupting concentration of forces and hampering supply routes

by Tekle Abraham
Tigrai Online April 28, 2021


Self Defense

Tigrai Defence Forces (TDF) deny the enemy the capacity to launch Blitzkrieg by disrupting concentration of forces and hampering supply routes of the invading army   An enemy force that is constantly kept off balance looses its maneuverability to launch a coordinated and multi-pronged attacks.

TDF employs defensive war of attrition to exhaust the enemy to gradually, but surely, bleed the invading forces to death.  By depleting enemy personnel and logistics supplies to a point of collapse, war of attrition is a winning formula that a belligerent side often opts as a defensive strategy.

Enemy’s perceived, albeit shallow, manpower and war machine can be ground down quicker than one thinks. On the surface, ENDF seems to have unlimited supply of personnel and military logistics from a nation of 100 + million people.  On a closer scrutiny, however, Ethiopia is an old empire divided into several political and ethnic fault lines. The peoples of Ethiopia do not have a common purpose nor do they have social trust among the different ethnic groups. Neither do they have common history, common vision, nor common aspiration.

Ethiopian forces can not fight with the same level of spirit and valor as the TDF fighters. ENDF and EDF lack the kind of cohesion and will power to fight. On the contrary, TDF personnel have an iron will and resolve to fight for a complete victory.


Thus, the total collapse of the invading forces is inevitable  and the victory of TDF is assured.

 In history, there are several instances where the belligerent side won a protracted war of attrition. To mention but few: The French invasion of Russia in 1812, the Battle of Stalingrand by the third reich of nazi Germany, the Swedish invasion of Russia, the Soviet-Finnish War ( aka The Winter War), e.t.c.

 Strong Leadership/Organization

TDF, lead by TPLF, a formidable organization, is endowed with seasoned politicians as well as experienced and battle-hardened military commanders. TPLF has more than four and a half decades of experience in politics and national defense . In matters of military affairs, TPLF commanders are unparalleled in that part of the world. In addition to real-time experience in winning a war with limited resource, several of the military leadership did advanced studies at elite western universities.

By contrast, the rag-tag Shaibia colonels and the few generals cannot measure up to the TPLF commanders.  The qualifications of Shaibia commanders are evident for everyone to see. Almost all of them have no formal education after independence, never mind  advanced degrees. They are alien to digital technology. A certain Dr. Abraham ( trained by TPLF) is supporting them in technology transfer. Shaibia military leaders are so inferior that, to date, several of them have been killed and taken POWs in such a short span of time. Battle field reports indicate that many of the leadership of shaibia are either surrendering or defecting to the Sudan.

With a substantial number of the trained and experienced personnel in refugee camps, or fled abroad, EDF had to resort to the retired veterans, who are octogenarians, and under age draft dodgers to fill the ranks and file. There is no chance for any military campaign to win a war with a major body of its personnel comprising of inexperienced underaged recruits and frail retired veterans. Thus, there is zero chance for shaibia to win this war.  To date, EDF forces never won a single battle against TDF in a pitched combat.  Thus the demise of shaibia is inevitable.

Will continue……

Tigrai Victory is Inevitable!


I Am No Longer From Ethiopia. I Am From Tigrai!!
NO I do not feel Ethiopian, I do not belong to that filthy country no more. I refuse to be referred to as Ethiopian. I no longer call that land as my country. And yes, now you can ask me "Are you from India?" and I will not be upset by that question any more. Just don't ask me if I am from Ethiopia.