Heretic Sects in Ethiopia are Abusing Ethiopian Children in the name of God.

By Gezaee H.
August 13 2009

Although God is one, no matter in how many forms he is worshiped and in what language he being called. Whether one call him God in english or Fetari in Tigrignea or Egziabhier in amharic or Yahew in Hebrew or Allah in Islam or many other names in other cultures, and langauges. We are used to relate terrorism now to Islam because of our prejudices after the 9/11. We generalize and make jugment and put every human being categorically into one black box. However I am now touted to say there is a hidden new type of christian sect terrorism going on Ethiopia.

After watching this u-tube, I cannot hold wha the hell is happening in my country. It is hard to believe. I have travelled and visited many christian worships around the world. I have never seen this type of worship or christian practice any where. I am sure if this was done in the country where I am, legal action could have proceeded. Ethiopia has become a dumping place for every heretic practices. People may not agree with me, I call this terrorism. My people are being abused by heretics. Ethiopians citizens are exposed to every evil in the world. Now everyone who has money can go to Ethiopia and practice satanism and any other heretics. After watching jevunile children falling on the ground by heretic sects in Ethiopia, I am completely shocke what is happening in the country. I do beleive something is wrong in the country.

These poor Ethiopian chidren, what sin have they committed? I do not see the preacher falling to the ground? I only see innocent and poor children falling to the ground like dry leaves in the name of God.

I know the Ethiopian government is only interested in chasing money; The gvoernment does not care about the well beings of its people. Anyone who has a passport and money can go to Ethiopia and do heretic practices which we have never seen anywhere in the world.

If there is any human right organisation in Ethiopia, I kindly request to investigate these type of abuse of the Ethiopian children. Where the hell are the opposition political parties? The politics is in Ethiopia is how to get to Arat kilo? There is no any work with regards protecting the citizen? The opposition parties should use this type of maladministration to attack the governments instead of fabricating non-existing stories. This could show the government does not really care about its citizens. The Ethioian orthodox needs to wake up and protect its citizens if the government is useless one.