Let the Prime Minister steps dawn on good phase!

By Berhane Eyasu
July 20 2009

It is my belief that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (PMMZ) has to step down!
The sooner he does the better both for his party and for the country. I am afraid, I wanted PMMZ to step dawn because the longer he stays, the more a liability he gets for his party and the country. It is also my strong observation and belief that he had moved the country in the right trend of development by placing it in an insurmountable advantage in Education, Transport, Health and Power Infrastructures to a  possible standard which will give the country in a better comparative advantage that will be a catalyst for a big push towards attaining a  place of Middle income countries for years to come.

Likewise, The prime Minister, has miserably failed to make and install an independent judicial system which was a mushrooming practice on his guerrilla days to properly function after eighteen years of practising state power and use of an abundance resource at its disposal as yet .I believe there is no an apparent Judicial system bound to function which will uphold the rule of law and the there by protecting the right of individuals to the extent of safeguarding the constitution that was built for it.

 His approach to dismember Eritrea and subsequently adopting a fallacious system to stopping the war, having paid extraordinarily huge cost both human and material was still one of the most ambivalence stances that the incumbent Prime Minister chose to manage in secrecy for which,I am afraid, will haunt him and his party for a long time to come. Even though the people deserve to know better, god knows why mostly the cause of the Algeris agreement has been accepted while Ethiopia, being not the aggressor party, with such a strong Military position at that particular moment was succumbed and arm twisted by his utter abrupt decision !

Furthermore, a fictitious analysis whereby The Prime Minister has pursued that Ethiopia was the first black colonizer over Eritrea and hence single-handedly and indeed precariously has arranged to land lock the Country with out neither any reasonable influence or participation of the Ethiopian mass to have a say from inside nor a due application of International Maritime law in lieu of preserving the National Interest of the country was a highly belligerent stand and was proven futile and costly!

Unlike hotel service, usually portrayed and obnoxiously asserted to have claimed by PMMZ, which he would like us to blindly believe his Mercantile philosophy where ports are just like a mere hotel service which ideally can be bought from any provider is a mere an under statement given the country’s position of struggling to suffice the export and import service requirements.

Failing by self aggrandizement, and deliberate glossing over policy of EPRDF of denying of owning a country’s ports designed by the prime minister, we have seen enough for the last eighteen solid years that Ports are not a mere export import presumptuous places per se as he has out rightly claimed to be rather it has unbearable cost which ransacked the country billions of dollars which could have been channelled towards other development efforts. Not enough of that it has brought inestimable instability to the country to say the least.

His illogical approach to land lock the country by sidelining those who happen to strongly argue and favour for the right ownership of ports as Extreme Dergists and former government proponents and threatening their very idea did not held water and was also a hard act to follow which has not only endangered the National Security which we have witnessed for decades but was indeed also tantamount to failure which can not be sustained to adopt without a string attached to it.
Above all, it is the country’s life line denied to uphold its security and could inhibit the sustainability of its development and viable strategy for generations to come and is a major policy failure whether to bring forth the country out of real poverty or keep in the vicious trap for once and for all. For Ethiopia, ports are not a matter of choice; it is an ample means of survival. Ethiopia’s peculiar position and sensitive internal dynamism specific to the horn necessitates to the prevalence and the effective ownership and use of its ports as a security precondition.

It is my simple observation that we are having a progressive population with the huge populace (Africa’s second at the moment) and with its alarming growth rate. How often are we to mitigate the vulnerability to draught prevalence, leaving aside the foreign currency disbursement that we are paying to the use of third countries ports? Eprdf under the guidance of PMMZ completely lost the plot out here. The prime minister’s specific adherence to the use of port services of third countries is shabby, scruffy and dilapidated approach to say the least and looks Penny wise and POUND Foolish and has taken the country on stand still.

The good performance of the country is nullified here. What percentage of our GDP are we paying for the port service?  How is it really suffocating the banking reserves of the country apart from other testimonials? What is its effect on our foreign reserve? What is the significance relation to foreign investment of the country then?

HOW IS DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY AFFECTING TO THE NATURE, MAGNITUDE AND SOURCE OF GOODS AND SERVICE PRODUCED IN THE COUNTRY? What is the significance relation to our defence strategy considering the pirates and other terrorist activities in the world and mushrooming around us? The good prime minister does know the inconceivable consequences very well but chose to gloss it over.

With or without the presence of the PMMZ these are the few vital policy frameworks which will have a significant effect of redressing our National development in addition to our national security which is non negotiable. To address this mess, I think PMMZ has to step down because these are very vital interference that may need new policy formulations or a change of new government approach and tactics to bring forth real development endeavour that is compatible and compassionate enough to maintain normalcy that I believe will not be done on his watch.

I am not concerned at all who replaces him. Some one able enough to look these into perspective, irrespective of his ethnicity, has to indeed to replace the Prime minister as soon as possible for the interest of the country.

It does not really matter which Ethnicity is he from really? Does it? I am not relating my argument of his stepping dawn to the port issue merely. I am aware of some websites are utterly supporting for his term to be even expanded and begging like approach to keep him  for other unspecified term in office. I respect their position; however, I strongly oppose their approach because it is not that I am personally at logger heads or is it not down to my liking or disliking to some or all his policies at all.

It is because; I believe Ethiopia at this age in time can not afford to be lead by one person however competent a leader or a prime minister might be. What ever good or otherwise his intention and approach might be, an absolute power corrupts absolutely and we shall not get any excuses for it or any nostalgic hostage for any other any longer!

We need to think outside the box and see what is better for the country and focus on strengthening public institutions and institutional capacities. Strengthening vibrant oppositions, better free press laws, broadening parliamentary discussion forums and instilling transparent culture to the good phase will be second to none to the development of the country instead of sticking on a powerful Prime Minister!

Further more. other substitutive issues like The Prime minister’s inability to adopt a very transparent policy to advocate and install a progressive, prospective and well defined system of using national resources in all the regional and intra regional estates to ameliorate a vibrant political culture is a BIG miss in his CV.I am afraid, the fact that we have not got an open and transparent system has induced a system prone to corruption, ill efficiency, favouritism and nepotism. Above all the inability to divide party and government structure at the moment has rendered to concentrate power in few hands and corrupts absolutely.

The fact that people who are installed for power are mainly attributed on mere language in spite of perspective knowledge, meritocracy and achievement has slowed down the robustness, tenderness and flexibility to adopt the already existing party or government policy readily to be ineffective and left it in taters .Therefore people resort to forsake or worship who claimed to be seniors but have not usually had adequate know how or knowledge to formulate policies or adopt new ones. Because of these tendencies Eprdf led by PMMZ has lost a very viable political resource of producing young Eprdf people for over eighteen solid years that could have been competent choice to replace him and the likes of him are wasted. Having said that no one denies PMMZ’s outstanding elegance of his question/answer time on ETV and international arena. It is common knowledge that his shrewd theatrical approach to swart party members and machining political opponents including his friends is well recorded. In a country like Ethiopia, where the prevalence of Draught is quite common, there is no universally adopted policy as to how food security at house hold level is to be attained and when? There is still no clear Land use and land reclamation policy despite the fact that Eprdf’s policy is nurtured on Agricultural development Lead Industrialisation (ADLI).

I wander a couple of days ago, the hard working Zeru Hagos was wondering why his Excellency the prime minister was asked to step dawn…He even tried to like us to believe that there is no any body like to replace him. I am afraid; facts on the ground do not testify that understanding.

 PMMZ is replaceable. I do not know and nothing personal like but to continue the development of the country unabated it is safe to argue that the PMMZ is stepping dawn. The sooner he steps dawn, the better! If he does, it will be the best historical perspective that Ethiopia like Ghana has to once again usher to African politics!