The Soldiers of Democracy; procrlaimed, "helpping poor Ethiopians under the Meles regime is not necessary".

By Barkaw Daniel
August 29 2009

Mother Ethiopia is the luckiest nation in the world. The Gods of democracy are here to stay. Their face is shining with nice face and hand lotion. They have nice hair cuts as expensive as ten meals in the Ethiopian nation. Oh yes they have nice shined and washed cars too. They are cute, only problem is they have gray hair, and a fat belly too because of excess food consumption . They are from the old order, but they just learned democracy. They are immersed with the slogans of democracy, but not the rational, and the roots of its foundations. The heading of their articles are democracy, but their words are threat and bulling , and they call that the express way to democracy. They are smooth, and their English writing is well refined. They have nice smile, until you ask them a question regarding their rational.

Who are these Gods? Who are these chosen people the messiah of the new religion, Democracy? Which press carry their message of good will and panacea of Ethiopia's ill. How lucky Ethiopia to have these Gods and self-righteous with a strong will too. We must mention these honorable Gods, with shiny faces, and a nice fat belly too.

The most well known soldiers of democracy are Abebe Gellaw ,Genet Mersha , Yilma Bekele, and Alemayehu G. Mariam). These above individuals have contributed a book worth of articles preaching democracy. In their mind they are convinced that they have taught Ethiopians everything about democracy.

However, you read their articles carefully, you will understand the logic that drives them to write these articles. The logic is simple, power struggle with the Meles regime . All these individuals are vying for power.

I am convinced that these individuals have no inch of care and love for the average poor Ethiopian. The average poor Ethiopian has no relationship to the Meles regime. More likely the poor Ethiopian is working hard to make ends meet. The poor Ethiopian is working hard to raise his family. The average Ethiopian is living the same way his ancestors lived.

Now my biggest question for these shinny faces is what are they doing to help the average Ethiopian? Remember, helping your fellow Ethiopian has nothing to do how much you like or love the present regime. Many of us Ethiopians are observing these individuals who preach democracy and love of a nation. They have never done anything meaningful for the average Ethiopian. They are busy cursing the government of Ethiopia. They can curse the current government all they want, but what is wrong with helping the poor Ethiopian?

I know what is wrong? The logic of these soldiers of democracy is that, if they help the poor Ethiopian to survive, he might be strong and rich and help the Meles regime? Is that your worry?

The latest articles that are coming out to criticize Eleni is a proof. Abebe Gellaw's latest article heading ways, "Free market without freedom". In this article Abebe Gellaw criticized Elleni for trying to improve Ethiopia. According to the logic of the paper, Ethiopia is not ready to be helped. Ethiopia should be Waite for the democrats to save her. In other words responsible citizens should stop the humanitarian work. This article really taught me the cruel, aggressive, and brute logic of the so called opposition. Is it an opposition to the Ethiopian government, or Ethiopian people?

Genet Mersha was more clever in her attempt to bully Eleni to stop helping poor Ethiopians. The heading of her article was interesting, " Distrust Of Regime Places ECX’S Boss In Unenviable Position". She made it sound if this is the opinion of the majority of the Ethiopians. Who did you ask? How did you arrive at that conclusion? Did you read Mr. Abebe Gellaw's article? In her article she tried to put facts and evidence as a way to convince her readers. You wasted your time. But the truth is Eleni in Ethiopia to help the poor Ethiopian people not the Meles regime. You and your co-soldiers need to stop this cruel and evil idea that helping poor Ethiopians under the Meles regime is not necessary. This is the most cruel and evil thinking that I have come across.

Many Ethiopians who are silently observing your articles, are taking a note of your logic. The latest articles by Genet Mersah and Abebe Gallaw has exposed the corrupt, and evil thinking of the Diaspora Ethiopian intellectuals. Remember Ethiopian people will be there forever, but governments come and go. Therefore, stop bullying responsible Ethiopians who are trying to help their fellow Ethiopians. Its these sorts of bullying that has exposed as power hunger individuals who careless about their fellow man.

In regards to your democratic values, you have long way to understand the meaning of democracy. I have never read any debate regarding major issues that affect Ethiopians. Its usually preaching, not debating. In my humble opinion democracy require debate in values, and practice. Democracy means the practice to agree to disagree.

You bullies have created an environment of yes to us, or else you are a woyanne stooge. Even democrats disagree at issue. But your thinking is delay debate, and delay helping Ethiopians, for the right moment. The moment when you guys are in power? Sorry in my humble opinion, Ethiopia does not consider you the agent of change. It considers you part of the older order with shiny faces, and refined English writing skills. But keep trying, and we will see the product of your propaganda?

Until next time I look forward to reading your bullying articles. And please keep that nice well lotioned face. I recommend Olay, or baby lotion. I am helping out because sometimes finding the best lotion can be stressful. I forgot to remind you Macy's will have 50% on all Olay lotions, can you please send the saving to the poor Ethiopian people. Thanks for the cooperation.