Are these baboons unknown Species in Ethiopia?

Demissew S.
July 26 2009

Unigue baboons

Unigue baboons found in Ethiopa

Male baboon in western Ethiopia

Adult female baboon from western Ethiopia

baboon kids from

Adult and kid baboons

I have neither seen nor heard the type of baboon whose pictures are shown above. I took these pictures in Benishangul region, about 25 Kms from the town of Assosa, just before Ambessa Chaka, on the way from Addis Ababa to Assosa. I know the three type of baboons in Ethiopia, Anubis, Hamadrus and Galada. If any one of you have any idea about those on the above pictures, I really appreciate if you can share your experience with us. It was just recently, Prof. Thulin introduced a new acacia tree species to the world of science from the eastern side of Ethiopia.