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Concerned Diaspora Tigraians support the communique delivered by our Oromo Ethiopian brothers and sisters

Concerned Diaspora Tigraians
Tigrai Online , Sept. 2, 2019

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Concerned Diaspora Tigraians support the communiqué recently delivered by our Oromo Ethiopian brothers and sisters in support of the Ethiopian federal system.

Mobilized by the Ethiopian people’s active mass unrest and resistance, the EPRDF led government was forced to accept some major political reforms, in March 2018 when Dr. Abiy Ahmad took the chairman ship and became the prime minister of Ethiopia.

The reform demonstrated in the process is; however, dominated and arrested by internal limitations, antagonistic political interests, and regional contenders. Widening political differences between Federalists those who support the existing Ethiopian Constitution and Federal system in one hand; and Unionists who oppose Federalism and the existing Constitution on the other hand, is among other antagonisms getting at the bottom of the Ethiopian politics now and in the very near future of the country. 

We concerned Diaspora Tigrians have witnessed two communiques issued one by the Federalist and another by the Unitarists a few weeks ago.

After we carefully and meticulously examined both open letters, we concerned Diasporta Tigraians concluded we would like to give our unequivocal support to the communiqué delivered by our Oromo Ethiopian brothers and sisters last July.

We strongly oppose the objectives of the Amhara political elite communiqué’s narration and intensions.

We are posting both the pro and anti-federalism thesis from both groups for readers to compare and make a good judgment for the betterment of Ethiopia and its poor people.


A paragraph from the Oromo Communiqué, supporting federal system in Ethiopia

“Contrary to the assertion of the Communiqué’s signatories, it is very clear and uncontroverted for any objective observer of Ethiopia, that neither Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) nor the 1995 Constitution created national/ethnic problems in Ethiopia. It is rather the existence and prevalence of severe inequalities and discrimination along ethnic lines that created these organizations. Even with all its limitations, especially in its application, the 1995 Constitution was also not a cause, but rather a mechanism or tool intended to deal with the prevalent serious ethnic problems to rectify historical injustices”.

Please read the entire Oromo Communiqué by clicking here Open Letter to Ethiopians and to the International Community


A paragraph from the Amhara elites Communiqué opposing the current federal system

“It isn’t too late to prevent disaster, but if something isn’t done soon, the situation could deteriorate quickly. For this reason, Ethiopia needs to transform itself structurally and constitutionally in order to overcome its self-inflicted pain of perpetual ethnic-elite “divide and rule” that keeps the country poor and technologically backward. Over the past 28 years of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) rule dominated by the TPLF and currently by the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), the Amhara, other ethnic groups and the entire society of 110 million people suffered from intolerable levels of crimes against humanity, crushing theft, graft and massive illicit capital flight with lasting social and political impact.”

You can read the entire Amhara Communiqué by clicking here Communique Urging Prevention of Balkanization of Ethiopia


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