We do not have any problem with
CUD leaders only with their ideas.
In fact most people were expecting a lively, democratic and powerful opposition to give the Ethiopian people a great choice. That, we  didn't get, instead we got leftovers from the  old regimes that want to turn the time to the 18th century and use the old ways of  divide and rule. Let us  say to them not a chance!. We didn't beg for our freedom, they didn't share power for the sake of  peace and they didn't give it up willingly. They were forced  from power by blood. We paid dearly to free our people and the rest of Ethiopia.  It should have been joy and peace instead what we get is what we see now days in Addis Ababa.

CUD's problem is not with TPLF, Meles or EPRDF, it is with the people of Tigrai and the rest of Ethiopian minority groups. That is where they run in to trouble.

All the excuses in the world don't justify what CUD are doing this days in Ethiopia. "
Nbret wede kebelie, Tigrie wede Mekelie!" Our People don't deserve this. Some say they were in power for so long it is not easy to let go their old ways, it is just a few of them, oh! they are angry about Meles and bla bla bla. I don't buy none of the above for a second. I think they are doing it because it is in their nature. This evil hate is hidden deep down in their heart and no matter what we do they will never change. Remember, CUD leadrs are not teenagers, they are old people with old habits. The only way they will change is when we stand united and say NO!!. No one has the right to blame the people of Tigrai about any thing. EPRDF's mistakes are not the people of Tigrai's.

CUD, Adjust or you will be adjusted.!!
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CUD, your choice, ballots or bullets!!
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Jewish presence still persists in remote highlands of Ethiopia
Feb. 17. 2006
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Nigeria oil 'total war' warning
Bird flu hasn't surfaced in Ethiopia so far: official
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Ministry to train 770 health professionals Axum
Municipality undertaking development works with over 4mln birr in Adwa town
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Feb. 23. 2006
Tigrai is the mother of all
civilizations in the horn of Africa
It is the Source of the Geez fidel
Christainity and Islam. Tigrai is the land of Qdoos Yaryed, Axum, Yeha and Wuqro Negash. Tigrai is the land of dauntless Emperors such as:Ezana, Kaleb, Armaha, Abraha, Elameda, ZeraYakob... Yowhaness; Ras Alula, General Hayelom and much more. Tigrai is The home of the Ark of the covenant, the land of the Just, brave,
free and fair. We have nothing to apologize, be sorry  or fear for in our history, but we have everything to be proud of !!.
Selam deki Adey,
If you live in Tampa florida or around it, please contact me urgently. Three of our brothers are there as guests of the USA government. They are there for training and they need some one to show them around town. They have every thing they need. The only thing they need is some one to show them where to shop and relax and so on.
Ethiopia denies accreditation to British journalist
To end dispute, UN Security Council urges Ethiopia and Eritrea to set border
Foreign trade shows marked increase over three consecutive years
Ethiopia-Eritrea: Statement by the Witnesses to the Algiers Agreement
Witnesses press Ethiopia, Eritrea on peace deal
African Development Bank president starts visit to Ethiopia
Eritrean president, Sudanese vice president discuss bilateral relations
Feb. 24. 2006
Ethio-Italy trade, investment ties strengthening
UN council calls on Ethiopia, Eritrea to resolve current impasse
UN set to undertake huge development projects in Ethiopia
Feb. 25. 2006
ReST vows to bolster ventures without duplicating gov't,private efforts
Meles urges ministries to give due attention to Civil Service Reform Program
Destiny of a Nation with Perpetual Struggle
Segid G. Michael new
ADB earmarks 450 million U.S. dollars for Ethiopian's development projects
Ethiopian govt takes measure to prevent avian flu
Ethiopian Export to Germany Rising
Feb. 26. 2006
Ambassadors, intíl organizationsí representatives hail floriculture industry
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