Michael Belay with deeds greater than PHDS part II

By Solomon

March 24 2008

If I was a song writer, I would write a song about Michael Belay, so that he can always be remembered forever. Unfortunately I do not know how to do that. Nevertheless, I am going to use the little power that I have to salute heroes who work hard day and night to inspire, unite, and strengthen our community. Michael Belay built a “small” school in Tambien. That school is not really small. That school will produce future doctors, teachers, engineers, and community builders. In other words that school will produce the backbone of our nation. It’s for this reason that Michael Belay sacrifice and selflessness should be appreciated and celebrated. Michael Belay should be remembered forever, as the brother, father, who contributed greatly to the empowerment and strengthening the backbone of our country.

Michael Belay’s story is exemplary and empowering because he did not choose to help his people after having excess money. He divided money that he collected by working day and night. Many of us who live in the west and in America know how hard life can be for someone like Michael Belay. We also know how hard it is to save money. Nevertheless, Michael Belay challenged himself to do something for his village, and his people . He did not make excuse to give up that dream. Finally he accomplished by giving up the money that he saved.

Therefore, Michael Belay’s story should be told in lyrics, articles, magazines, and movies for generation to come. Many of us who live in the west have completely forgotten our duty for our nation. Remember my country men and women we did not come to America just to get rich for ourselves. We have a duty and obligation to fulfill for our nation. All of us know our country is poor. The government alone can not solve the problems that Ethiopia has. We the citizens of Ethiopia must also work hard to fix our country. We must not just think for me, we need to start thinking like Michael Belay. Each of us need to ask ourselves , what did I do for my village? In fact that is the challenge Michael Belay has brought to all of us.

From now on all of us need to start asking ourselves what did I do for my village, since I left it when I was young? This should be the challenge of the new millennium for Ethiopians living in the Diaspora? Michael Belay engineered this challenge not through talking, but by setting examples? Now the question is how many of us will follow at the foot steps of Michael Belay?

Remember brothers, sisters, mothers, and a father attending celebratory functions does not free us from our obligation to do something small four our villages. It’s good that we attend celebratory functions and show our unity. However, the main duty is the actually action, like Michael Belay. Life is short. The human life expectancy can never be predicted. Therefore, before we leave this world, we must accomplish something small for our villages. Brothers and sisters showing our villages the nice suit we wear is not good enough. Let us all be the next Michael Belay.

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