Hannah Godefa, Tigrai Online person of the year 2007

Name:Hannah Godefa
"I will open my mouth and tell stories, I will bring into the open things hidden. By writing this letter and sharing their stories, maybe God can use me to open a door for others so that men and woman like you could be part of a good thing to come"

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Michael Belay

In 2000, Belay visited his birthplace of Tembien, Ethiopia. Witnessing the devastation and extreme poverty of the war-torn region, Belay decided to dedicate his life towards building a school where the children could have a safe and nurturing learning environment. And so, H.A.P.P.Y, Inc. was founded. In 2004 Belay sold his own home in Corona, California and moved his family of three into a small apartment. He used the money from the sale of his home to finish construction of the school.

Michael Belay
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Person of the year 2007, Hannah Godefa

Tigrai Online

Jan. 04 2008

Tigrai Online chose Hannah Godefa a remarkable 10 years old as a person of the year 2007. This little girlís dedication and generosity to her people has touched so many lives well beyond her age. In 2006 Hannah started the Pencil mountain project. Hannah Godefa, Tigrai Online person of the year 2007The idea was to collect a few thousand pencils to send to Ethiopia, but the project has been so successful and Hannah's initiative has attracted so many heavy weight companies, like Maple Toyota in the Toronto area in Canada. In a short time due to the hard work of Hannah about 200,000 pencils and other school items were collected and sent to Ethiopia.

According to her father Hannah is doing excellent at school. With the help of Maple Toyota and other donors Hannah is still collecting more pencils, folders and other school supplies.

Hannah's father explains what she has been doing lately. "She has been writing and explaining about her trip and introducing the school children of Tigrai. She has been successful in convincing many people. Hannah will have a meeting with Catholic board of education and others in the middle of this month. Hannah is also trying to convince the Right Honorable MichaŽlle Jean, the Governor Genral of Canada to visit Ethiopia. She hopes Right Honorable MichaŽlle Jean will agree to visit and her life story is a good example for the women in Ethiopia."

We could have chosen politicians, musicians, millionaires and other adults who are doing great things, but this ten years old in fifth grade has done miracles compared to the rest of us.

We have received many many e-mails supporting her effort including the next one.

Hello Admin,

First of all I would like to thank you for your up to date information about Ethiopia as a whole and Tigray in particular. I am very much touched by the beautiful little girl Hannah Godefa mountain project ,so I would like to pitch in to her pencil project.

How could I get a hold of her or is there any way that you can forward my e-mail to her, please. Currently I am living in Houston, TX.

Tigray Adina Bitsifrina !!!!

Mesfin B.

Thank You !

Congratulations Hannah Godefa! We are proud of you! Keep up the good work.

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