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The mole working for foreign countries is destroying Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, March. 11, 2019

The mole working for foreign countries is destroying Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed Ali the mole working for foreign countries is destroying Ethiopia. It is time to remove this man before it is too late.

Abiy Ahmed who is acting as prime minister of Ethiopia is a mole planted by foreign countries to stop Ethiopia from reaching its goal of becoming a middle income country by 2030. The main goal of those foreign forces is to shatter Ethiopian political, military, and economic influence in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region.

Abiy Ahmed Ali has effectively changed Ethiopian agenda from development and prosperity to conflict and poverty. Every Ethiopian is now obsessing with small meaningless conflicts instead of focusing in national projects like the GERD. Abiy Ahmed is secretly working on inflaming religious and ethnic conflicts so people don’t pay attention to his sinister destructive actions against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

The systematic destruction of Ethiopia by the mole Abiy Ahmed Ali and his backers continues unabating. In less than a year since Abiy Ahmed came to power in Ethiopia the following calamities had happened.


  1. He invited criminals who are anti the Ethiopian federal system.
  2. He demolished the army and security apparatus.
  3. He stopped work on the GERD national project.
  4. Engineer Simegnew Bekele was killed.
  5. Ethiopia is at a verge of disintegration due to interstate conflict.
  6. Ethiopia has the largest internally displaced, over 3 million people (Euronews).
  7. 8.3 million need food aid and one million in danger of starvation needing 1.3 billion dollar aid. (Reuters)
  8. Abiy Ahmed tried to isolate and attack Tigrai state.
  9. In general law and order has broken down in Ethiopia and the central government is gone.

Abiy Ahmed was propelled to power by foreign powers who recruited him fourteen years ago. The same forces made it look like it was Abiy Ahmed who brought a popular uproar of the Ethiopian people against EPRDF. Some naïve Ethiopians even see Abiy Ahmed as a messiah send by God.


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