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Has Abiy Ahmed ever practiced what he preaches? Who will save Ethiopia?

By Amlest Tesfay
Tigrai Online Dec. 14, 2019

Has Abiy Ahmed ever practiced what he preaches?

Abiy Ahmed never practiced what he preached like a typical con artist Abiy Ahmed speaks what his audience want to hear.


Abiy Ahmed never practiced what he preached. It is now an open secret that Abiy Ahmed speaks what his audience want to hear. He has never told people the truth except his mother’s fortune telling.

Abiy deliberately makes negative statements to incite hate and division among people. For instance, when Abiy said derg is not defeated, he stirred up division among Ethiopians, Eritreans, and indirectly he provoked President Esaias Afewerki’s anger.

Similarly, Abiy Ahmed expressed his strong desire to see the old people’s biological clock of aging and their expiration. He wished death for the influential old leaders. He was mainly referring to the old influential man in Asmara. He made such evil statements to indirectly annoy old people and President Esaias Afewerki.

What the Abiy does not realize is: dying at an old age is God’s grace, a dignified death and it is an inevitable universal natural law. However, a dead person is a person like Abiy who tries to search the soul of an expired system. In the Amharic proverb the wise people say, A House cannot be built for the past rainy season”. It is only a walking dead person who looks for the past Ethiopian dead systems.

As a political scientist, I repeatedly warned my fellow Ethiopians that Abiy Ahmed is untrustworthy and incompetent. I warned the danger of replacing the Ethiopian constitution by an individual. I informed the world that the Team Abiy is showing all the signs of excessive obsession for political power. Unless the experienced members of the Ethiopian government took appropriate measures, things would get worse and worse (Tigrai Online August 1, 2018). 


The founders of the prosperity Party (PP) has labelled themselves as the former Servants and Slaves of the TPLF, the strongest political Party in Ethiopia. It was the first lie that the PP wanted Ethiopians to hear. The founders of the PP had temporarily cheated people and camouflaged the treasons they committed while they were in power.

The illegal Prosperity Party (PP) is now composed of the former TPLF servants plus other newly hired Servants for the PP. The former Servants are now trying to hire their own new Servants. They are bribing people with the public money and cars for the newly hired servants from each region.

While Abiy is lobbying and bribing few people from each regional state, the federalist forces that have millions of supporters all over Ethiopia have become the sleeping giant force. Federalist forces must wake up and get rid of the political gambler known as Prosperity party before Ethiopia completely collapses.

In conclusion, Millions of Ethiopians all over Ethiopia are looking for federalist forces to aggressively organize them to save Ethiopia as quickly as possible. All Ethiopians are asking all federalist forces to form a joint force and to quickly act to save Ethiopia from an irreversible disintegration. From west to east and from south to north millions of Ethiopians are getting ready to support all federalist forces.

The PP is now openly committing daytime crimes without any checks and balances. The PP is gambling with the Ethiopian economy and the lives’ of millions of people.  PP has made Ethiopia a laboratory where one man tests his Mother’s fortune telling. Ethiopia should not be treated like a Guinea pig where an immature person experiments his personal belief system.

The PP crimes are exposed to the world. Ethiopians, the UN and Ethiopia’s neighboring countries are accusing Abiy Ahmed as an instigator of instability in East Africa. Sooner or later the members of the PP party will face criminal justice under the international community for all the crimes they committed against humanity inside and outside Ethiopia. The same people and agencies who praised PP will accuse PP.