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The Tigrai people and leadership deserve praise

By Amlest Tesfay, Tigrai Online Nov. 29, 2019

Tigrai Online comment about what the Tigrai people and leadership should do on this sensitive time, the video was published a while ago. .


I would like to thank the Tigray government for all the positive changes and reforms that are undergoing in Tigray regional State currently. The leadership of Tigray is performing very promising changes in collaboration with the hard working people.

Although Tigray was forgotten for the last 20 years, currently I started to respect the leadership for trying to reinvigorate the region’s maximum potential. The current Tigray leadership has become the symbol of inspiration, real change and transformation. Tigray will not rely on individuals’ cult of personality but on its legal and social institutions. The visionary leaders are revitalizing the social institutions.

The ministry of Health and Ministry of justice are also doing positive changes. They have shown tremendous progress. However, the speeds of the changes in the two ministries are not up to the desire and current standards of the Tigray people. As the Chairman of Tigray women’s association stated, “Tigray still uses the old laws that were made during Haile-Selassie’s era”. Therefore, I suggest the two ministries to change the old way of doing things to the current standards.

The recent peaceful women’s demonstration in Tigray was not concerning one  incident. The objective of the peaceful demonstration was generally about the lack of implementation of new strict laws. The lack of women’s rights and the lack of good governance are the direct manifestation of the lack of new strict laws.  New laws have to made and enforced accordingly.

According to the recent report of the Tigray Ministry of Health, Tigray has higher rates of HIV/AIDs prevalence in comparison with the national average. It is not because other Ethiopians were more aware about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) than the Tigray people. But, I mentioned the problem two years ago in the piece of my article published at the best Ethiopian website of all time, Aiga Forum website on 12/12/2017 under the title “ Has Tigray of Ethiopia lost her virginity?( www.aigaforum.com>artcle2017>Has-Tigray-of-Ethiopia-lost. No public official at the Ministry of health and Ministry of justice were willing to listen and consider my concerns.


However, the ministry of health is currently reporting the same problem that I already warned or reported two years ago about the spread of HIV/AIDS as a wildfire.  In the article I emphasized some of the causes of the problems as well as the lasting solutions to the problems. However, some people in the power of position in Ethiopia are not there to make positive changes but just to make a living and report problems rather than working for the solutions. Probably our difference is, they are government paid professionals and we are unpaid volunteers but highly concerned individuals about the wellbeing of the people.

I suggest, the Tigray Ministry of Health to be reformed. The Ministry of health should not look for scapegoats. It is not because of the journalists’ problem or the NGO’s Failure. I would say it is the problem and the failure of the Ministry of health. The Tigray political parties, Civic societies should get involved in finding a lasting solution to the problems and force the government to make laws and reforms in the Tigray Ministry of health and Ministry of justice.

Who is primarily supposed to make laws and public awareness concerning the public health? Is it the activists, the journalists, the NGO’s or the ministry of health? The problem is ours and the solution should come from us. The problem is leadership problem within the ministries.

I absolutely agree with what the late PM Meles Zenawi stated 34 years ago, He said the people are hardworking people but they are suffering because of lack of scientific practices and lack of proper management. Tigray must remove ineffective and incompetent leaders from the Health Bureau and ministry of justice and replace them with highly concerned and result oriented professionals.

The people are demanding effective leaders rather than party membership entitlements and assignments. One should bring tangible positive radical changes, or should be changed. The culture of entitlement should stop in Tigray for good.

Tigray people had fought for generations for two main reasons, for their justice and their freedom. Hence, within the last 28 years, at least good governance should have been part of the glorious culture of Tigray. Tigray should never have a justice system that tolerates lack of good governance at this time. If Tigray fails to make good governance a part of her culture, what would be the legacy of TPLF in Tigray and the people who are fighting injustice throughout their lives?

To be honest, if I were a political leader in Tigray, I would have implemented a death penalty against those criminals who make the people cry. I would have rather make my people laugh and the criminals cry instead. I would have made Tigray one of the safest places on the surface of the earth. The Tigray people deserve the maximum safety and security, because they have paid the maximum sacrifice for it. The previous TPLF leadership had lacked the political willingness to do so. It is hoped the new leadership will have the political willingness to make strict laws against any form of crimes committed in Tigray?

In conclusion, the Tigray ministry of Health and Ministry of justice should be reformed. Highly concerned professional people who can bring the desired changes should be assigned. Tigray should implement strict laws and should stop applying the outdated laws that were implemented during Haile-Selassie’s period. Lack of good governance is the result of lack of implementation of stricter laws. New laws should be made and implemented.

The writer hopes she will not post this article again after two years to remind some government officials who fail to listen her genuine concerns.

Tigrai people and leadership deserve praise

Tigray people had fought for generations for two main reasons, for their justice and their freedom.

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