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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali not fit for Ethiopioa
This odd alliance is making me uncomfortable to expect a panacea in the relationship between Ethiopia and its neighbors.

The odd alliances being formed within and outside of Ethiopia are heterogeneous in ideology and spirit like square peg in a round hole

By M. Gettaw, Tigrai Online, August 29, 2018


It is not an overstatement to say that I am elated about the new prevailing order between Ethiopia and Eritrea. I am happy by the fact that these two neighboring people are trying to make peace with each other. However, peace can only be beneficial if it can be sustained for a long time.  The only way sustainability of peace can be guaranteed is when the parties involved have mutual understanding of the conditions and parameters that are stipulated in the agreement for making peace. In the case of the recent peace accord between the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea, the conditions and parameters were neither clearly articulated nor communicated to the public. Thus, I have no confidence in the sustainability of the peace accord. One of my main reasons for the lack of confidence is the odd alliances that are being created that don’t jive with EPRDF’s core principles. The odd alliances that are being formed within and outside the country are so heterogeneous in ideology and spirit that I don’t expect sustainable reconciliation among each other let alone with EPRDF (which most of those in the newly formed alliances see as the enemy of Ethiopia). It feels like pegging a square into a round hole.


Another reason for my doubt is the breaking news from ANDM firing two of its most senior leaders (Bereket and Taddesse). In interviews that Bereket gave since his firing, he has alluded to the meddling of Issayas Afework in the recent developments in Ethiopia and how that can seriously hamper the positive trajectory that Ethiopia had been during the Meles leadership. I am not clear how much naïve the new PM can be to trust a 50 years dictator (Issaya Afeworki) to change heart overnight for the benefit of Ethiopia. Issayas Afeworki has deep grudge against senior EPRDF leaders and his end goal is to take revenge and if possible to wipe them out of the earth as allegedly told the former PM HMD. The news that General Adem travelled to Asmara to discuss and sign agreement with DEMHIT which proclaims to be fighting for the people of Tigray is another development that clearly shows the ill intentions of Issayas and the new leadership in Ethiopia. With the back drop of what happened over the last couple of weeks where leaders of the Oromia region went to Asmara to negotiate with OLF and leaders of the Amhara region went to Asmara to negotiate with a less known Amhara organization, it is not hard to discern the meddling of Asmara in the affairs of Ethiopia.

The unexpected gesture for help from UAE, Saudi Arabia and the US is also another dimension to the uncertainty underlying the current situation in Ethiopia. Why is UAE, all of a sudden, giving Billions of dollars to Ethiopia? Why are UAE diplomats and senior ministers shuttling between Addis and Asmara? There seems to be collusion that could lead to the surrender of the sovereignty and foreign policy of Ethiopia to foreign entities. This odd alliance is making me uncomfortable to expect a panacea in the relationship between Ethiopia and its neighbors. In fact, my fear is that Issayas in collaboration with his masters in Egypt could drag Ethiopia into unnecessary conflicts with Djoubiti, Somalia and Southern Sudan. I am afraid the new PM will have the mantle or capability to rise above that type of challenge.


At a personal level, I have concern because I have started to observe some level of dishonesty and shrewdness in the new PM and expectedly in Gedu, Demeke and their groupies. The new PM in his recent interview has demonstrated that he is not the honest and pastor like politician that he tried to present himself in his first public address to Ethiopians. His shrewdness and dishonesty was clear in his responses to some of the questions by local journalists. For example, his response to the detention of federal police officers at the Mekelle airport, his response about the assassination of Simegnew Bekelle and etc lacked candor. The same can be said about Demeke and Gedu with regard to their behavior in the last few months orchestrating violence and lawlessness in their region through their bravado filled speeches which are propagated via a coordination of several media (Amhara TV, ESAT, VOA and DW). Given the fact that Engineer Simegnew was born in Gondar and has been a patriot serving his country tirelessly, it is very unusual to see a deafening silence from Amhara TV and the regional leaders. I am still waiting to hear loud voices that advocate for justice in the killing of Engineer Simegnew. The quietness and the lack of raw emotion that the new PM as well as ANDM leaders have shown to other people (to people who were using violence against Ethiopians including Andargachew Tsige) is telling. The sympathy and concern towards this patriot and his family is miniscule compared to what we are seeing when people like Jowar are given statesman like receptions at federal and regional levels.

Finally, I would like to be clear that my wish is for all these concerns and fears NOT to be true and for Ethiopia to stay the course of development and join the ranks of middle income countries. Fingers crossed!

PS. Prof Tecola should know that people have the right to use pen or real name and hence no need for him to be whiny. It is surprising for him to accuse others of vulgarity when his writing is the epitome of that.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is not fit to lead Ethiopia all his actions are odd and extremely pretentious.